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11 Reasons Why Black Women Should Launch Businesses

There are many reasons why Black women should launch businesses. According to The Gallup Center, 13% of Black women agreed that they have access to good jobs and only a third felt that their present income allowed for a comfortable life. 


Here are 11 reasons why Black women should launch businesses:


  • Gaining control of your schedule. Creating a business can allow you to be more productive and present in your daily life. Not having to sit in traffic or report in an office with hours that are not conducive to family time.


  • Protecting your peace and mental health. Most times workplaces are not the safest environments for Black women. From hair standards to passive-aggressive behaviors, launching a business can help to avoid those triggers.


  • Publicist Tammy Reese states that Black women should run their own businesses because we are no longer being brushed aside, talked down [to] or bossed around. Black women have boss embedded in our souls. We are more than able to call our own shots while making a huge difference and empowering so many people.”


  • Starting a business can also allow for the creation of adequate pay for your work. Being able to quantify pay based on your worth can create a better lifestyle. Black women are statistically paid less than both white male and female counterparts. 


  • Creative Director Tijania Goodwin shares, “A Black woman should start a business because it allows her to create her own lane. This very decision in her life lets her embody her WORTH as well as create that important footprint for other future businesswomen to follow.


  • Being in control of finances, creating generational wealth to ensure a financially stable future is also a great reason why Black women should launch a business.


  • The ability to showcase your knowledge, skills and abilities on your own terms instead of being validated by others. 


  • The possibilities are limitless. Launching a business can open doors to allow you to walk in your purpose and work in your passion. 


  • Feeling valued – by launching a business you can create a space where you can feel valued and respected.


  • Controlling the outcome of your future is also a benefit of becoming a CEO. Being able to determine your own retirement plan and when to retire. 


  • Launching a business can vastly improve your lifestyle and outlook. Consider launching your own business to gain financial freedom and unlock your potential.



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