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Common Gifts a Recording Studio to an Illinois Prison

Emmy, Grammy, and Oscar Award-winning Rapper-Actor, Common, is receiving a standing ovation for his charitable gift of a recording studio to an Illinois Prison. Known for his bold stance in defending Black Lives and his consistent work within the prison system, Common, alongside Attorney Ari Williams and Musician, Antony Ablan decided to rise to the occasion in giving inmates a chance at exploring music and discovering hidden talents. A state-of-the-art recording studio has everything needed to not only learn but produce quality music. 


CBS Chicago reported that the recording studio is fully functional, inside of the Stateville Correctional Center in Cresthill, Illinois, the first of its kind. The correctional center is known for their positive and encouraging programs, giving inmates hope. 


Through the rapper’s non-profit organization, Imagine Justice, a 12-week course in music production, creation, and recording has been implemented as a program that will help some inmates receive time off their sentences. The program is a structured program, encouraging the building of skill sets that may increase the talent pool in the entertainment industry.


Williams told CBS Chicago, “Everyday they’re in this program (inmates) earn a day credit off of their sentence, as long as the statute allows for. This brings so much hope for them and inspiration…”. 


Common and his proactive team are very proud of this accomplishment; having the ability to not only extend an opportunity to those who have or want to learn powerful skills in music, but also receive credits towards a better life. Making home that much closer.


Article Written by: Sabrina Espere Carrington | @sabrinaespere


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