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9 Legal Business Agreements Your Business Should Have

Do you have your business’s legal agreements in order?

CEO Chatter LIVE returns with its first episode of the year, as Fancy chats with Attorney Kianna Chennault about the nine legal agreements every business owner needs for their business.

In case you miss them, the agreements are as follows in no particular order:

  1. Operating Agreement
  2. Non-disclosure Agreement
  3. Insurance
  4. Employment Contracts
  5. Non-compete Agreement or Clause
  6. Contractor Agreement
  7. Client Agreement
  8. Partnership Agreement
  9. Joint-Venture Agreement

About Kianna

Kianna Chennault is the managing partner of Chennault Legal and Consulting Group (CLCG). C.L.C.G. is a full-service law firm offering litigation and transactional services specializing in Business Litigation and Civil Rights located in Atlanta, Georgia.

Kianna Chennault transitioned from being a former Fulton County Prosecutor who prosecuted nearly 2,000 criminal cases against domestic violence, kidnapping, and armed robbery, she believes the system has more than just criminals on the street but also criminals in the government and the workplace. As of recent, she has helped minority entrepreneurs create legal and sustainable businesses so we as a society can close the wealth gap for generations to come. Her passion since opening up her own law practice has allowed her as of June, to help her clients obtain 110k in investing funding by connecting her clients with investors, writing the formation of their investment documents, and other legal business regulations. She has helped over 100 black-owned businesses in business formation, contract drafting and negotiation, and legal representation.

Lastly, The Chennault Legal & Consulting Firm services clients with legal self-guided courses, digital products, and mentoring memberships so they can be educated at any stage of their business without worrying about affordability.

Follow Kianna at @attorneykianna on Instagram for more tips, and visit her website at

About CEO Chatter LIVE:

CEO Chatter LIVE is the partner series to the CEO Chatter blog and newsletter. It’s where business and life intersect as its hostess, Fancy believes in educating and empowering Black business owners with the tools they need but not ignoring the fact that life has a way of presenting us with challenges. Hear the stories and soak in the knowledge shared by these business owners so that you can grow and prosper.

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Francheska Felder
Francheska Felder
Francheska “Fancy” Felder is an award-winning editor, publisher, publicist, and quiet Southern media mogul. In 2010, she launched SwagHer Magazine, an empowerment and lifestyle publication for the Black woman who likes to keep it real, which also doubles as a PR boutique. SwagHer Magazine uses positive media and storytelling to create new narratives and mindsets around Black women, their communities, and the businesses and organizations they lead, while the boutique strategically executes press and brand campaigns. The proud SU alum is also the publicist for Power Influence Radio and hostess of the CEO Chatter LIVE Podcast. Because she battles with bipolar disorder, Fancy is a proud mental health advocate.

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