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A Fashion Powerhouse in Detroit: Meet KiSi Collection by NaKisha Sims

Founded in 2016, KiSi was initially set on being a fashion brand. NaKisha Sims had bought a few pieces in preparation for a church convention but was underwhelmed when she saw duplicates in so many other places. With designs in mind, NaKisha went fabric shopping and brought her ideas to life. Her mother even got her to design some pieces for her, not just to be a supportive parent, but the designs were just that good. 


Four months later, NaKisha received a phone call that would change her life. This phone call confirmed her passion for fashion and her decision to move forward with this endeavor. After discussing the conversation with her husband, NaKisha prayed and then got into action. With an established background working in the educational field for 16 years, she quit her job as a Dean of Students and took on running KiSi full time. 


The first few clients were other church parishioners and locals, but that did not stop KiSi. In March of 2017, KiSi had its first fashion show in a church fellowship hall. The turnout was tremendous, with over 500 people in attendance. The response to this fashion show was just enough motivation for NaKisha to keep pushing forward. KiSi was then contacted to participate in a showcase in LA Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week. In 2019, KiSi received the call of a lifetime to showcase in Paris Fashion Week and has been consistently called back since. 


NaKisha states that KiSi stands out in such a large market because she never follows fads. While she may incorporate some of the fashion trends into her pieces, her main inspiration is drawn from the 1920s and 1930’s movies. The classic fashion of old Hollywood is what NaKisha defines as “consistent and dependable.” 


NaKisha’s design approach is summed up in two small steps: 1. What is her client’s essence of fashion sense, and 2. Colorize- because color is the essence of happiness. From these two pillars, NaKisha can create a garment her clients love. 


The future of KiSi is beyond bright. Recently fur coats (men and women) and shoes have been added to KiSi’s catalog. KiSi is currently working on expanding its shoe line into major department stores. Also, there will be three staple garment designs mass-produced for off-the-rack purchase.


For the up-and-coming entrepreneur, NaKisha leaves a few words of wisdom. 

  • Pray and be sure.
  • Failure and fear are part of success. Failure and fear are part of the process and will make you better.
  • Obstacles will come but just keep going.
  • Ask for the negative first. Everyone wants to hear the positive, but the negative is where you find growth.


KiSi can be found online at

Facebook: KiSi Collection

Instagram: KiSi_Collection

Jasmine is a native of Chicago and a graduate of Loyola University Chicago with a B.A. in Political Science. Jasmine started writing in 2018 as just a hobby. Since then it has grown into a passion. Jasmine considers herself to be a lifestyle and fashion blogger, a social medial manager, and a social media strategist. She can be found on Instagram at @jas_is_peculiaroyalty.


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