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A Punch of Color for the Fall Season

Every season, the brilliant minds behind the latest trends and colors create a color palette. This fall, vibrant colors are in more than ever before. One color that is fiercely making its appearance this fall is pink. Yep, I said it… pink! Most of the time, this color is associated with Spring and Summer. However, our beloved fuchsias, magentas, rose hues, and blush shades are showing up on the runways in a big way. Not only on the runway with amazing shoes, bags, and clothes that scream “wear me,” but this color is making a declaration even in the car world. In a recent CNET article, the writer states, “Meet Tuscadero, a hot magenta-pink color coming to the 2021 Jeep Wrangler. To be specific, Jeep calls this an “intense chromatic magenta.” https://www.cnet.com/roadshow/news/2021-jeep-wrangler-pink-tuscadero/

Come October for Breast Cancer Awareness; many will be in step with supporting the cause, wearing this passionate color. 

What is the meaning of the color pink? Well, colors do have meanings and can be very symbolic. Many would say that the color pink is symbolic of love, being in love, or happiness. Traditions would speak louder by saying that pink is the color that radiates not only love, but matters of the heart, true beauty, purity, care, compassion, virtue, and dignity. This fall, think about the statements you are trying to make on your job, in your home, in your relationships. Think about how you want to see yourself first and what impression you want to leave on people. You can wear this color in pure saturation, wearing the color from top to bottom, or break it up with complementary fall colors such as chocolate brown, fiery burnt orange, or deep cranberry red. Some designers are all about the “pop” of color, with a dope pink bag, scarf, or shoe. 


First Look – “Classic meets Sexy”

This look is something simple if you are thinking about introducing the color “Pink” to your wardrobe. The long white shirt dress accentuates your curves when paired with the light pink/rose-colored sweater vest. This look is “classic meets sexy” with the show of the leg with ballerina lace-up rose/mauve chunky platform heels. This fall, the bag is a fun addition to carry to the office or anywhere you want to be productive. This bag is versatile with backpack straps, and a briefcase handle to fulfill your “interchangeable” needs. 

Second Look – “Power Punch”

Fuchsia is definitely a color to have in your wardrobe this fall. This hot, rich pink makes a bold statement that will not go unnoticed. Try fuchsia pants with a soft pink top—a great look to go from day to night this fall. And don’t forget the shoes! 

Third Look – “Saturation Pink”

Saturation and color blocking are in this season, and this look is absolutely in sync! You can do head to toe, wearing the same pink or just like this look, break it up and be fierce! 

Fourth Look – “Femme Debonair” 

Not into wearing heels and dresses? I get it. I get tired too. So this look is for you. This fall, there will be many flat shoes that will fit the bill of being stylish but comfortable. Black and pink will be a combination seen this season. Faux leathers, silks, and satins will be matched together as well. 

This fall, be daring. Try new things and step like you never stepped before! 



Article Written by: Sabrina Espere Carrington | @sabrinaespere


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