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A Testament to Resilience: Nakisha King

Hailing from Columbia, South Carolina, Nakisha (Jolanda) King’s life story is a remarkable testament to resilience and commitment. Her eight-year service in the United States Navy exposed her to diverse cultures and experiences, shaping her perspective and dedication to service. However, a challenging twist of fate led to a period of homelessness, during which Nakisha discovered her inner strength and determination to rebuild her life.

Nakisha has since transformed into a thriving business owner, an International Bestselling Author, and the 2019 Women Veteran’s Veterans Summit Trailblazer Award recipient. Her mission now revolves around empowering aspiring entrepreneurs, sharing insights on relationship marketing, and advocating for her fellow veterans. Nakisha’s current endeavor is her campaign for the title of Ms. Curve, Tampa, in the Regency International Beauty Pageant. This pursuit is a personal goal and a part of her broader mission to support and empower the business community. Partnering with The Bennett Center, a non-profit organization, Nakisha underscores her commitment to fostering resilience and prosperity in the community by providing essential resources and support to business owners. In her journey, Nakisha represents the hopes and dreams of many who see in her story a reflection of their own struggles and aspirations.

Learn more about Nakisha, her quest to be the next Ms. Curve, and the advice she gives about collaboration below. 

Fancy: What attracted you to the military?

Nakisha: I was drawn to the military because of the purpose and mission of serving one’s country. I wanted to be part of something larger than myself and contribute to positively impacting the world. Additionally, the military provided an opportunity for personal growth and development and a chance to acquire new skills and experiences.

Fancy: You call yourself the “Madam Cupid of Relationship Marketing.” Tell us a little about that, please.

Nakisha: Absolutely, as the “Madam Cupid of Relationship Marketing,” I have developed a unique approach called the “5 Love Languages of Relationship Marketing.” This approach is designed to facilitate perfect matches between businesses for collaboration and partnerships, ultimately leading to increased exposure and improved bottom lines. By understanding and applying these “5 Love Languages,” businesses can build stronger, more meaningful connections with their audiences. This innovative approach is my way of revolutionizing how businesses think about and approach relationship marketing. 

Fancy: Why should you be the next Ms. Curve Tampa Regency International?

Nakisha: I believe I should be the next Ms. Curve Tampa Regency International because I represent the essence of the title – empowerment, resilience, and community service. My journey, from being a homeless veteran to becoming a business owner and advocate, reflects the resilience and determination required to overcome challenges and positively impact the world. Additionally, my work in business advocacy and my commitment to empowering others align with the values and mission of the pageant. I am dedicated to using this platform to raise awareness and support for important causes and inspire others to pursue their paths to success.

Fancy: Congratulations on your collaboration with The Bennett Center. Can you share two tips about collaborating?

Nakisha: Thank you! Collaboration is key to success in any endeavor. Two tips I would offer about collaborating are: 

  1. Align your goals: Make sure that both parties clearly understand the goals of the collaboration and are aligned in their mission and values. This ensures that everyone is working towards the same outcome and reduces the potential for conflicts down the line.
  1. Communicate openly and frequently: Open and frequent communication is essential for any successful collaboration. Establish clear communication channels and set regular check-ins to update each other on progress, discuss any challenges, and make necessary adjustments.

Fancy: What are some essential resources that business owners need?

Nakisha: Business owners need a variety of resources to succeed, including:

  1. Knowledge and Education: Continually updating one’s knowledge about the industry, market trends, and best practices is essential for staying competitive.
  2. Financial Resources: Adequate funding is necessary for starting and growing a business. This can come from personal savings, loans, investors, or grants.
  3. Networking: Building and maintaining a solid network of contacts is crucial for business growth and success.
  4. Technology: Utilizing the latest technology can help streamline operations, improve efficiency, and reach a wider audience.
  5. Support System: Having a solid support system, both personally and professionally, can make a huge difference in a business owner’s ability to cope with challenges and succeed.

Fancy: How would you describe your swagher? What makes Nakisha, Nakisha?

Nakisha: My swagher is a blend of passion and a genuine desire to positively impact the world. What makes me Nakisha, is my unique journey and the lessons I have learned along the way. From serving in the military to becoming a homeless veteran, then a business owner, and now a business and community advocate, each experience has shaped me and fueled my desire to empower others to overcome their own challenges and succeed.

Fancy: Please share where readers can find and connect with you below.

Nakisha: Readers can connect with me on Facebook, IG, and Twitter at the handle @JustAskKish, on LinkedIn at Nakisha Jolanda. My Journey to Ms. Curve can be found on NakishaForMsCurve.com.

I am always open to connecting with others who are passionate about making a positive impact in their communities and the world.


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