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Actress JoMarie Payton Talks A Family Matters Christmas


Veteran actress JoMarie Payton brings another fantastic movie, A Family Matters Christmas movie that should be added to your holiday watch list. This movie reunites Kellie Shanygne Williams and JoMarie Payton, original cast members of the iconic sitcom Family Matters.

SwagHer Contributor, Chandra Gore, sat down with actress JoMarie Payton to talk about the movie and how she has maintained her career over the years. During the interview, Payton shares why this movie will help families become closer. Finding that the holiday is a great time to teach lessons on how to become more understanding of each other and, most importantly, get into the holiday spirit. Payton does not hold back as she discusses her past roles and how remaining in a positive, forward-moving mindset can and will keep you going toward your goals and dreams. 

Even though she stars in this movie stars with Kellie Shanygne Williams, her daughter from Family Matters, this movie is not a reboot of the Family Matters sitcom. The chemistry between Williams and Payton is still present as they continue to flow onscreen and throughout the movie. 

The connection to family is not just with Payton and Williams, Williams’s daughter, Hannah Belle Jackson, stars as  Hailey, and her nephew Julies Terry stars as Jaxx. Kellie’s parents are also part of the production as Executive Producers. 

This is more than a holiday movie; it shows an example of how families can become truly use teamwork and compassion to create a closer bond.

The three siblings from a newly combined household do not see eye to eye, so one of the siblings, 10-year-old science wiz Aiden calls upon “Alternis,” the forgotten Christmas spirit, which switches the three siblings causing each of them to experience life in the other’s shoes. Aiden, Emily, and Brandon now race against time to switch back before Christmas.


A Family Matters Christmas is available on all major streaming and cable platforms in the U.S.  and Canada. Visit dreammerchantmedia.com/releases to find out more. 

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