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Actress, Singer, Dancer, Vivian Lamolli Is A Triple Threat And A Star On The Rise

As human beings, we all inherit a natural-born talent. However just because a person is brought into this world with an established knack doesn’t mean they’ll reach a high level of achievement. We are born with certain aptitudes which are advantageous but still require work. Usually, the work process in regards to developing a particular gift starts at an early age. It can be cultivated with practice, passion, patience, and motivation. To be able to take a natural talent and elevate it to its pinnacle is a wonderful accomplishment. Some people are capable of going that extra mile. They have the work ethic and determination to peak at a multitude of talents.


Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Vivian Lamolli is an individual who fits the multitude of talents category. She’s an actress, singer, and dancer. Vivian grew up in what she describes as a loud Latino household of Cuban, Puerto Rican, and Italian vibes. Her parents Michael and Jackie Lamolli knew how to start a party. It was all love and music at the Lamolli residence. In regards to academics, Vivian was a high school perfectionist. Even though she set high academic standards for herself, she still found time to become cheerleader captain and class president. After graduating high school she attended the University of Florida. She majored in Political Science and Performance Arts. The initial goal she set for herself was to become a prominent lawyer, but during her college days, she received the opportunity to perform in musical theater. Vivian decided to take a leap of faith and move to Los Angeles to pursue a career as an entertainer. The first job she booked was a Zumba commercial. Shortly after the commercial gig, Blanca Valdez Casting called her for the role that changed the course of her career. Vivian booked the role of Filiberta Rodriguez on the Hulu series ‘East Los High.’ 


Sports/Entertainment Journalist Vince D’Writer had a one on one with the immensely talented Vivian Lamolli.


Vince: Describe your Swagher. What makes Vivian, Vivian?


Vivian: Wowzas…this question brings up all kinds of feelings on who I am, how I feel, what defines me as a human…being openly spiritual and knowing Christ leads my life and is the only one who could define me. I would say my authenticity. There is no one like me, and I’m unlike anyone. God made me perfect in his image of joy and full of life. I always say “una vida…” We have only one life to live and I can only live my life to the fullest.


Vince: You’re what they call a triple threat. You act, sing, and dance. Were all three phases just natural talent or did you have to work really hard at sharpening your skills in any or all three categories?


Vivian: All three came naturally by the grace of God and continued fine-tuning. I get it from my mama…but dad would be mad if he heard that because he can sing, dance, and welp, perform like crazy too.


Vince: State your answer and the reason why. Which art is the most difficult to prepare for? Is it singing, acting on a television show/movie, or musical theater?


Vivian: I don’t see any of the art I live for as difficult. I enjoy every bit of what I do. The thing that might be hard is to put down the pencil, mic, or stop moving. I would love more musical theater in both my film and television work…stay tuned.


Vince: You appeared in an episode of the Disney series ‘K.C. Undercover’. What are some of the memories you have from that particular experience?


Vivian: The most beautiful thing that sticks out to me is the improv sessions between Zendaya and me within our scenes and just hangin’…I loved every minute of how she felt like my sister, just chillin’ every day we went to work. She really is one of the most grounded, cool, and down-to-earth artists I’ve worked with to date.


Vince: Tell me about your current work, and describe your character on the BET+ series  ‘All The Queen’s Men?’


Vivian: The heat is turned up to the fullest in Tyler Perry’s ‘All The Queen’s Men.’ We are so excited to shoot season 2 and keep the sensational story alive. I play the strong yet sensual Officer Kat, the girlfriend of Blue, Madam’s right-hand woman. I’m loyal, have killer instincts, and am loveable with a side of spice while keeping the peace in our streets.


Vince: Up to this point of your career, do you have a favorite character you portrayed? If so, why is that particular character your favorite? 


Vivian: The film will drop oh so very soon, but stepping into the stilettos of Ms. Vanessa Del Rio has been the most fuego rollercoaster ride of a lifetime…stay tuned.


Vince: What does the future hold for Vivian Lamolli?


Vivian: Loads and loads of continued blessings and opportunities of a lifetime by the grace of our Lord and Savior. Jesus knows what lies ahead for my future and I am too excited, ready, and living for what he will soon reveal.


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