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Award-Winning Music Producer Angel Monét, Inspires Children To Make History Through The Love Of Music

As we celebrate Black History Month, we’re so excited to spotlight MultiAward Winning Music Producer Monét A. Ledbetter-Glaude, better known as Angel Monét. Angel Monét is such an accomplished and inspirational woman who has not only made history within her own music career, but she has also dedicated her life to empowering countless children to learn about music history and make their own history through the love of music.

For over a decade, the 4x award-winning Female Music Producer of New England’s Urban Award has created a revolution in the world of Children’s music through her original songs filled with uplifting themes and Gospel, Pop, Funk, Hip Hop, and Caribbean rhythms.

We’ve obtained an exclusive interview to learn more about her company, Inét Productions, Inc, as well as her upcoming Black History Month Special, and more. 

Tammy: As the founder of Inét Productions, Inc. we celebrate your accomplishments and mission to provide a multicultural music curriculum that addresses the needs of music in early childhood education. What are some of the benefits your students obtain from your teachings?

Angel Monét: Thank you, it’s an honor to be celebrated by SwagHer! My students obtain self-esteem, confidence, discipline, and a sense of pride knowing they have accomplished a particular assignment given. Our virtual shows are a beautiful extension of the fun and self-esteem building, that incorporates dance, singing, and puppets to keep young children entertained.

Tammy: Tell us about what’s been happening at Inét Productions, Inc. over the past year?

Angel Monét: We have been hard at work building our brand of the Ms. Angel Monét Show by producing uplifting (virtual) shows to inspire children to have hope in knowing they are somebody special. I’ve been conducting virtual and in-person shows at schools here in Boston and around the world, but we’re excited to now have virtual live and on-demand shows for schools and daycare providers to utilize. We also offer ongoing private piano, voice, drums, and bass lessons.

Tammy: Congratulations on being a 4x award-winning Female Music Producer. When you look at music through a child’s eyes, what do you see?

Angel Monét: I see excitement and joy. I see possibilities of dreams coming true based on the positive content in the music. It’s so heartwarming to see their little faces light up from our shows!

Tammy: You have a track record of improving the self-esteem of early childhood youth by providing virtual entertainment to daycares, schools, and homeschool parents. How does this inspirational career make an impact on you personally?

Angel Monét: When I see the joy on a child’s face from listening to my music, it makes me feel happy and proud of my student’s growth and development of their self-confidence. The Ms. Angel Monét Show helps me to feel like my purpose is being fulfilled as a leader and teacher.

Tammy: We are excited to tune in LIVE for the Ms. Angel Monét Show Black History Month Special! What can we expect, and what are you most excited about?

Angel Monét: You can expect, singing, movement, storytelling, black history, and lots of fun! Kids will learn about influential figures in Black history and what they stood for through the power of soulful and memorable songs about respect, honesty, and more.

Tammy: Any other projects you’re working on or are in the works?

Angel Monét: We’re planning something special for Women’s History Month with a local charitable organization and my non-profit, Inét Entertainment. Plus. my internet radio station the H.O.I. (House of Inspiration) Network will be honoring children who are entrepreneurs, artists, and doing great things in their communities in April. We are also having an HOI Family Music and Arts Festival in July to promote Mental Health Wellness through, live entertainment, speakers, and vendors with resources for the community and children’s activities. Great family day!

Tammy: What do you want your legacy to look like in the music world and through the impact you’re making at Inét Productions, Inc.?

Angel Monét: My legacy will be my works consisting of my original musical Jack’s World, my internet radio station with inspirational messages building self-esteem, providing hope through motivational music, and the shows created for children to make this world a better place.


More on Angel Monét:

As President of Inét Productions Inc, Ms. Angel Monét runs a music production company specializing in developing instrumental, vocal, and performance skills. She is a proud instructor for Berklee City Music’s Piano and Voice programs at her alma mater Berklee College of Music in Boston, Ma. She is the founder of the HOI Network Internet Radio Station and Creator of the “House of Inspiration Show.”

Monét Ledbetter-Glaude’s original program, “Peppy People’s Music,” provides a multicultural music curriculum with resources that teach children the fundamentals of music and addresses the needs of music in early childhood education.

Ms. Angel Monét invites you to teach your kids all about key figures in Black History and have them smiling ear to ear with the “Ms. Angel Monét Show: Brave, Bold, Beautiful Black History Influencers” LIVE Virtual Special this February 22 and 23! Register now for your homeschoolers, daycare, or school classroom at

Showtimes Offered:

Feb. 22 at 12 p.m. PT / 2 CT/ 3 p.m. ET

Feb. 23 at 10 a.m. PT / 12 CT / 1 p.m. ET

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