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Bernadette Patterson Discusses Her First Experience in a Runway Show

Bernadette Patterson was so excited when she received a phone call, and Lori Haskins asked her if would she’d be interested in being in Dudley’s 55th Anniversary Runway Show. Bernadette didn’t think twice; she said yes! It was something she’s been wanting to do for a very long time. 

Bernadette had a vision board, cut out different stuff from magazines and newspapers that she wanted to accomplish, and cut out a runway show with models walking down the runway because she had a vision of doing one. When she was asked if she was interested in participating in the Runway Show, it was a dream coming true. Bernadette was then told the details of what she needed to do for the event.

When Bernadette got off the phone, she thought to herself, “How can I get some models for this major event?” So she created a flyer to post on social media, asked some of her clients, and went into people’s inboxes to let them know she was looking for models for the show. Bernadette ended up with 11 interested models. Since it was her first runway show, Bernadette thought to herself once again, “How am I going to do the runway show?” Bernadette asked around and got some help, but she came up with her own idea through it all.

Bernadette had a little over a month to get things done. She let the models know the details and what they needed to do pertaining to the event as the days went by. Some models decided they wouldn’t be able to participate because other things came up, and she understood that things happen. So as Bernadette was putting color on lace wigs & hair bundles for the runway show in the back of her mind, she was thinking about who would be able to make it because she had a certain time period on stage. She told the models a good day, that she thought everyone would be able to meet for rehearsal so that Bernadette could have a better idea of who will be at the event, and that everything was timed correctly. The models showed up for practice, and it was a success. Bernadette stated that even with some adjustments, everyone did a great job, had fun on stage, and would love to do another runway show.

SwagHer Magazine got to catch up with Bernadette about the Runway event she coordinated and what she’s been up to as of late as CEO/ Founder of The Dream Team Hair & Beauty Professional Hair Products.


Tammy: How has 2022 been for you as a business owner and entertainer?

Bernadette: As a business owner and entertainer, I accomplished some of my goals for the year 2022. As a CEO/ Founder of The Dream Team Hair & Beauty Professional Hair Products, I wanted some Brand Ambassadors for the company. I’m looking forward to hiring more Brand Ambassadors. If you are interested, you can fill out this form. You can find my form at:

As a salon owner, I gained a lot more clientele. Since I know how to do various hairstyles, I can maintain a big clientele because I didn’t limit myself to just doing one thing.

All my clients and online customers love The Dream Team Hair & Beauty Professional Hair Products and constantly buy them. I get so much good feedback about the products. They love that The Dream Team Hair & Beauty Professional Hair Products help their hair thicken up and grow. They also tell me how soft the products make their hair feel with a nice shine. I did a video with one of my clients that had alopecia. She didn’t think her hair would grow at all, but when she started using The Dream Team Hair & Beauty Professional Hair Products, she saw a difference. You can see the video here at on The Dream Team Hair & Beauty YouTube Channel. You can order the products from the website

The Dream Team Hair & Beauty Professional Hair Products work great on all hair types. It’s for men, women & kids.

Bernadette 1Tammy: Let’s talk about your models and the experience you had participating in a Runway Show for the first time. Describe what that meant to you.

Bernadette: The models that showed up to the event are all my hair clients. Donna Roberts, Tyrone Roberts, Jennifer Watkins & Tobias Patterson. Donna and Tyrone are husband and wife and have been coming to my salon to get their hair done for six years. They were so excited about going to the show that they were determined to make their way to the event when the odds were against them. They just don’t know how much I highly appreciate them for that. Jennifer Watkins was my first hair client when I opened up my very own beauty salon over eight years ago. We have been knowing each other since childhood going to church together. She has been a hair client of mine for over 18 years. So glad she participated in the event because of her busy schedule at work. 

Tobias Patterson is my son. He’s 15 years old, in the 10th grade, and did great on stage. I was the director, rapper & stylist to ensure everything ran smoothly. Donna is the woman with the cornrows, Tyrone has yellow, orange & red dread, Tobias has blue dreads & Jennifer’s hair was cut into a Bob on stage. I performed my song called “Never Knock Me Down”, produced by award-winning super producer Zaytoven towards the end of the show. Zaytoven used The Dream Team Hair & Beauty Professional Hair Products also. You can look at this link to see my video with Zaytoven:

We all showed up and showed out at Dudley’s 55th Anniversary Runway Show in Greensboro, NC. I appreciate my mom, sister & boyfriend for their support. I appreciate everyone that participated and made it on time to make one of my dreams come true. That meant the world to me. It was a pleasure and the first experience for all of us. You can see the videos when you click on these links:

Tammy: What else have you been up to lately, or have been cooking up behind the scenes?

Bernadette: I plan to go to the salons and barbershops to sell The Dream Team Hair & Beauty Professional Hair Products. I also have a new hair product that came out this year called “The Dream Team Hair & Beauty Nature Rejuvenating Oil.” Celebrity TV Personality Nikki Rich, the owner of The Nikki Rich Show, talks about the product in this video: Nikki Rich also did a video talking about the rest of my products in this video:

Tammy: What are you most excited about for the rest of the year and for 2023?

Bernadette: I’m most excited to know that my business is steadily growing because of the things I have done, and what I’m going to do to push my business to the max excites me for the rest of the year and for 2023.

Tammy: Any other exclusive news you can share with us first?

Bernadette: I’m also a rap artist name B-Rawz. I have opened up for several different famous people. To name a few, I opened up for Webbie, Boosie, Migos, Young M.A., Blac Youngsta, and more… I’m also in Zaytoven’s music video called “All Day.” I was a cameo in “Birds of a Feather” in Zaytoven barbershop. I did a commercial for my hair products with Zaytoven. You can look at the video when you click on this link:

I did my first music video, called “Never Knock Me Down,” with Zaytoven in it. This is the link:

I have more music on the way! I’m also working on a new hair product for the year 2023. So stay tuned.

Keep up to date with Bernadette:





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