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Beyond Textbooks: Miss Tee and Studio T’s National Push for Creative Empowerment

Miss Tee is the visionary and founder of Studio T Arts & Entertainment.  Miss Tee isn’t your typical educator, she has a passion and mission to empower young minds, she’s on a quest to reshape the future of arts education across the US.

Studio T is a non-profit that is on the verge of a national expansion. Miss Tee’s SwagHer is a blend of authenticity and empowerment that’s not just a catchy phrase; it’s the foundation for Studio T’s success in mentoring over 800,000 youths and launching some onto the national entertainment scene.

But how does she do it?  We sat down with Miss Tee to explore the secrets behind Studio T’s growth.  We discussed her strategy, heard inspiring graduate stories, and discovered how Miss Tee plans to leverage technology, including a new mobile app and, to make arts education more accessible than ever.

Studio T’s grand opening celebration in Sacramento is just the beginning. Miss Tee is using community engagement, technological innovation, and a relentless pursuit of excellence to create a new era of creative empowerment for young people across the nation.


Khadijah: What is your SwagHer? What makes Miss Tee, Miss Tee?

Miss Tee: My SwagHer is the essence of authenticity and empowerment. What makes me Miss Tee is my unwavering commitment to fostering creativity and impact through arts education, empowering youth to realize their full potential.

Khadijah: With Studio T Arts & Entertainment set to expand nationally, can you share more about the vision behind this growth and how you plan to replicate the success you’ve seen in California across other states?

Miss Tee: Absolutely. The vision behind our national expansion is to bring the transformative power of arts education to underserved communities across the country. We plan to replicate our success by partnering with local organizations, schools, and communities to tailor our programs to their specific needs, ensuring every child has access to quality arts education.

Khadijah: You’ve mentored over 800,000 youth nationwide, significantly impacting their lives. What are some of the key strategies you employ in your mentorship to foster creativity and resilience among underserved youth?

Miss Tee: One of the key strategies we employ is creating a safe and supportive environment where youth feel empowered to express themselves creatively. We also focus on teaching practical skills that can translate into real-world opportunities, instilling confidence and resilience in our students.

Khadijah: Studio T Arts has nurtured some of Hollywood’s top young talents. Could you share a story or two about your graduates whose careers have been particularly meaningful to you and why?

Miss Tee: There are so many stories of success among our graduates, but one that stands out is a student who came to us with little confidence and self-esteem but discovered a passion for dance that changed her life. She went on to pursue a career in dance and is now performing on stages around the world, inspiring others with her talent and perseverance.

Credit: STAE Media

Khadijah: You’ve received numerous accolades for your work, including being named a Forbes Culture 50 Champion and “Woman of the Year.” What do these recognitions mean to you personally, and how do they influence your work?

Miss Tee: These recognitions are incredibly humbling and affirming, but more importantly, they serve as a reminder of the impact that our work is having on the lives of young people. They inspire me to continue pushing boundaries and striving for excellence in everything we do at Studio T Arts.

Khadijah: With the upcoming launch of a mobile app and the expansion of your distance learning platform,, how do you see technology playing a role in the future of arts education and mentorship?

Miss Tee: Technology can democratize access to arts education and mentorship, allowing us to reach students without access otherwise. Our mobile app and distance learning platform provides opportunities for students to engage with our programs from anywhere in the world, breaking down barriers and opening doors to new possibilities.

Khadijah: The grand opening celebration at the Sacramento facility sounds like a significant milestone. Can you share more about what attendees can expect and how such events contribute to community engagement and support for the arts?

Miss Tee: The grand opening celebration will be a reflection of our commitment to community engagement and support for the arts. Attendees can expect live performances, interactive workshops, and opportunities to connect with artists and educators. These events not only showcase the talent and creativity of our students but also serve as a platform for community engagement and collaboration, fostering a sense of pride and belonging for all who attend.


Connect with Miss Tee below:


Instagram: @sweetteetime

Facebook: TeeSandi




Interview Done by: Khadijah Phillips | Khadijah Phillips is a highly driven woman who was born to break barriers. She proves that when powered by purpose, women are unstoppable. She’s built her storied life and career brick by brick, fighting fears, failures, and setbacks to have the success she’s always known was hers to claim. Today, she personifies what it means to ascend above adversity while inspiring countless others to do the same through her media company and strategic partnerships. You can follow her on instagram @bestiesmedia and check out her website


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