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Black Friday Spotlight: Stripped to My Truth

Q: Tell us a little about your business.


A: Absolutely! I am an Author/Speaker/Life Coach who helps women and young girls enable their healing and manifest the life they want to live. Through my writings, speaking engagements, and coaching, I also offer aids and merchandise to uplift women in confidence and healing through my merchandise.


Q: What do you have planned for Black Friday?


A: For Black Friday, I am discounting my book by 30% and offering other merchandise such as candles, hoodies, and sage. I will also be doing a $250 Giveaway with a FREE book. Details coming will be posted on Monday, November 29th.


Q: What type of client would be ideal for this promo?


A: The ideal client for this promo is someone who may be feeling a bit lost and unsure of what direction to take or where to start. We all get to the point of wanting to improve our lives, but sometimes are unclear of where to begin. This promo would be for you. If you are in need of guidance, especially with the new year fast approaching, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We are applying much-needed pressure to ourselves all 2022!


Q: What makes this promo unique? Why do people need it?


A: What makes this promo unique is that it is affordable for the community. I understand that during these unprecedented times, there has become a strain to organize not only our personal lives but also our finances. So, I would like to provide an opportunity for people who are ready, to take full advantage of the assistance while they can at an affordable rate. This is something that is necessary as we cannot always do everything on our own. We can try our best, but sometimes we need a little support, and I am happy to oblige in that area. Judgment free.


Q: How can they shop?


Of course! Please go to my website under the SHOP tab and you will find all of the goodies currently for sale. Be sure to visit my site often as I also am updating my blog, events, and adding new items. 


When does the offer end?


These offers will go through the Christmas holiday ending on 12/26/2021. As I add more items, there will be more deals, coupons, and offers. Stay tuned!


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