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Black Women In Media On The Rise: Introducing Host of The Caprice Show, Caprice Hibbler

Fulltime Student, Arts Program Coordinator, Fashion Enthusiast, and Entrepreneur, Caprice Hibbler has been working tirelessly to create the future she dreamed about. Some of those dreams are about to come true as she is currently gearing up to launch her new show titled, The Caprice Show.

We are introducing Caprice Hibbler to the world and want our readers to learn more about the newbie to the media industry. Caprice has never wanted to fabricate her personality. Caprice is a human who loves meeting new people, and she enjoys napping in the middle of the day. Caprice also is a very loving, goofy, family-oriented woman who stands up for what she believes in. Do not make her mad because if you do it is World War, haha, but she would most likely forgive you right after. Caprice is a giver, a fighter, and a believer. She wears her heart on her sleeve and is so proud of herself.

Topics on The Caprice Show will include fashion, lifestyle, celebrity, community, design, and more. The Caprice Show will be presented in collaboration with the Reewind Network produced by Carona and Diop Productions.

Tammy: Welcome to the industry of multimedia. We look forward to seeing you shine and rise. Please tell us about The Caprice Show and what we can expect.

Caprice: The Caprice Show started off as something else a few years back with Carona from Diop Productions. Then Covid happened, so it got pushed back. The Caprice show will be nothing short but amazing. I have so many ideas, and we start shooting in mid-March for my official first season on the Reewind Network, produced by Carona and Diop Productions. The Caprice Show will be based on raw authentic topics, fashion, design, real stories, and celebrity juice, but most of all, giving back to our community. I take pride in pouring back into the community as I grow so we can all grow together.

Tammy: We understand that you’ll be conducting some giveaways soon. What would you like our readers to know about that?

Caprice: Yes, Yes, something I take pride in, and a big part of my show is to give back. I want to recognize our local neighborhood heroes and make sure they are recognized for their good. You guys can expect giveaways to anything from cash prizes, dinner, gas cards, concert tickets, and game tickets. As we grow relationships, we can expect them to get bigger.

Tammy: In addition to being a fashion enthusiast, rising media star, and beloved cake business owner, you’re also an Arts Coordinator. What can you tell us about this inspirational role?

Caprice: So back in late 2021, a friend of mine Hughie and Avery, which I had just met Hughie from doing his wife Jessica’s hair not too far back, called me up and asked me did I know someone who can go into the Boys and Girls Club to do art with the kids. I knew I couldn’t possibly do it because I was in school full-time and working.

I thought I possibly couldn’t do this because it would be too much for me. I had made a Facebook post about it, but no one really had gotten back to me, so I decided to do it. I was like how much can this be, now, here we are in 2023, and I am the (TAPS) The Arts Program Syracuse Coordinator.

In this role, I go in and do Art with the kids two times a week, and we look for other artists to come in and do any form of Art with the kids. I am currently looking for local artists to come in and teach the kids different forms of art.

Tammy: We would love to know about your journey as a full-time student and how you manage all of the amazing things that you do.

Caprice: I take pride in being a full-time student. I was originally a high school dropout working at Upstate Medical University Hospital. At a very young age, I thought I was it, haha. I had always known I wanted to go back to obtain my high school diploma and go to college to get a degree, and I did just that. I started this Journey in 2021, and I will be graduating in May 2023 with an associate’s degree in Humanities and Social Science.

This journey has been very challenging but also very rewarding, exciting, and compelling. I am so proud of this version of me, meaning student Caprice. That little 17-year-old high school dropout is so proud of me, and I will continue my education at a 4-year college soon after graduation.

Tammy: What is a super fun fact about yourself that many people are not aware of?

Caprice: A super fun fact about me is that I love to do a karaoke night, and I can not sing. I would rate my singing a 1 out of 10, but I definitely have a good time channeling my inner Whitney Houston.

Tammy: What impact do you want to make in the world of media and fashion?

Caprice: I would have to say spreading the word that it is ok with being authentically you, and staying in your lane. Meaning do not break character to fulfill someone else’s needs, wear what makes you feel happy, and most of all bring and spread love in the media because a lot of media outlets are not so uplifting to humankind these days it is all for personal gain. I want to have fun and gain relationships and I hope I can inspire young black girls that it is ok to dream big. A little dream never got us nowhere.

Tammy: What other vital information or exclusive news can you share at this time?

Caprice: A lot of things are in the works, but taking everything one thing at a time. I’m so excited to share more with you guys in the upcoming months. I am also looking forward to working with different photographers, hair stylists, nail techs, and lash techs to collaborate on different projects, so be on the lookout for that.

I just want to truly thank you guys for giving me a platform to tell my story and give the viewers a little look at who Caprice is. I am looking forward to growing with my supporters and getting to work, see you all very soon.

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