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Books and Journals that will Inspire and Encourage – National Coming Out Day

Today is the annual celebration of National Coming Out Day. The LGBT awareness day is observed on October 11, to support lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people who “came out of the closet”. The inaugural holiday was celebrated in 1988 with the initial idea grounded in the feminist and gay liberation spirit of the personal being political, and the emphasis on the most basic form of activism being coming out to family, friends, and colleagues, and living life as an openly lesbian or gay person. This day also is a day to educate and help combat homophobia due to ignorance and lack of understanding that sometimes thrives and creates an atmosphere of hostility. Consider using this day to encourage acceptance and show love to those who have been shunned or ostracized because of who they are. Love is Love and we are one community.

If you are or a loved one is considering coming out or has come out or someone who wants to provide support.

Check out these books, and journal:

Passing As Straight: Beautiful Women Whose Sexuality Went Undetected By A Judgmental Society – Kinyatta E. Gray

Passing As “Straight”: Beautiful Women Whose True Sexuality Went Undetected by a Judgmental Society, compiled by Author Kinyatta E. Gray, brings to life a book that takes a deep look into the individual, personal and complex stories of lesbians whose true sexuality went undetected to prevent labeling, judgment, or even death. Six courageous women will share real-life situations where they had to make the dreadful decision of hiding their sexual identity to find acceptance, respect, and love from those who truly matter.

This book is not meant to define who’s right or wrong, but rather examine this very real issue and the choices that lesbian women must make about love! Our intention is to provide a heartfelt resource for women who wake up daily having to navigate through a society pretending and hiding who they really are. You are not alone! We all have been there! But, as you read through these pages, you will find the comfort and strength to know exactly how to live unapologetically and uniquely who you are.

Taboo Village: A Perspective On Being Gay In Black America – Sampson McCormick

To Be An African American is said to be one of the most difficult challenges, that lay in living in America. At the same time, being gay or lesbian has been considered to be an issue of controversy in society and religion. Being an open and self-affirming African American homosexual man or woman, in many ways, challenges the notion that you cannot live without overcoming certain struggles that exist in society, religion, family, and self. This book seeks to address those issues and affirm all readers. Written in honesty and with a conversational approach, this book is a tool for those who are heterosexual, gay, lesbian, transgendered, allied, or simply seek a better understanding of sexuality to challenge the way that society looks at African-American homosexuals and how the African-American community deals with homosexuality, as Sampson shares personal stories and insights on what it means to be gay in black America.



Aina’s Keys to Personal Freedom – Aina Brei’Yon

Aina’s Keys to Personal Freedom is a self-help book written by Aina Brei’Yon to assist people with getting behind the wheel of their life. Life is simple, but we have been conditioned to complicate it. Nothing in your past will change, but you can change how you view it, and this is what Aina’s Keys to Personal Freedom has been created to assist you with. I provide the keys that I use to maneuver through life! Your life is up to you!

My Life My Love My Truth Journal  – Kinyatta E. Gray

Inspired by Author Kinyatta E. Gray’s highly acclaimed book anthology, Passing As Straight: Beautiful Women Whose Sexuality Went Undetected By A Judgmental Societythis journal, My Life My Love My Truth, provides space for monitoring your feelings and thoughts on your journey towards living your truth.

This also makes a beautiful gift to show PRIDE and to affirm unconditional love and support for a member of the LGBTQ+ community who may be a family member, close friend, mentee, church member, co-worker, or client.

With its beautiful clean design and silky-soft matter cover, this is appropriate for any gender.

Unprotected: A Memoir  Billy Porter

Billy Porter’s Unprotected is the life story of a singular artist and survivor in his own words. It is the story of a boy whose talent and courage opened doors for him, but only a crack. It is the story of a teenager discovering himself, learning his voice and his craft amidst deep trauma. And it is the story of a young man whose unbreakable determination led him through countless hard times to where he is now; a proud icon who refuses to back down or hide. Porter is a multitalented, multifaceted treasure at the top of his game, and Unprotected is a resonant, inspirational story of trauma and healing, shot through with his singular voice.

Ebonic Faggotry – Sampson McCormick

As LGBT people, it is our duty to lift our voices, share our stories, testify about our trials and triumphs and steadily live in our truths while affirming ourselves and one another, our families, churches, and communities to ensure that we are represented in our most positive lights as possible. Ebonic Faggotry touches on various issues relating to self-image, self-esteem and acceptance, relationship with self and God, Love, family and features a short story, “Love Unshackled” with honesty, humor, and sincerity, as they relate to our communities. This book intends to uplift, empower and educate the LGBT reader, our families, friends, and allies.

I truly hope that one or more of these books and journal will help or inspire you or your loved ones.





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