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Capitalism is a Death Cult

For those that are living under a rock and didn’t know, we are indeed in the midst of a full-blown pandemic. There are people dropping like flies from a virus that has mutated beyond our capacity to handle it, and what is America doing? Forcing people back into the office and into school and continuing to put people’s lives at risk like nothing happened. 

Some current work-from-home (WFH) statistics say that workers are 47% more productive when working from home. People who work from home are more consistent and get more done. Companies have been shying away from letting people work from home for fear of being “less productive,” as if people don’t sit in their cubicles and dilly dally around right under their boss’s nose. But whatever. 

The thing is that I’ve heard horror stories about people getting sick with COVID or being in the hospital and their bosses having them get on Zoom despite literally being in the ICU. I already knew, but the pandemic confirmed that capitalism is indeed, a death cult. 

We saw shutdowns of a magnitude that some of us had never seen before in our lifetime. And we saw how fragile our infrastructure really was. The fact that the economy was suffering because the poor, working-class was unable to go to work should tell you everything we need to know about this country. It’s built on the backs of the poor, and those are the ones that will be sacrificed when it’s necessary to keep the wheels turning. 

Rather than the government doing what it needed to do to slow this pandemic from ravaging this country the way it is right now, they immediately sent the working class back to the trenches to keep this country running while they still couldn’t make ends meet. 

It’s a hard pill to swallow to see people like you being exploited. It’s sad to see people being sent off without proper protection to keep themselves safe at the job they’re forced to be at. Honestly, we’re all just one missed shift away from homelessness. 

Teachers are threatening to walk out on their jobs, nurses are quitting because there are bed fulls of unvaccinated patients, and they’re tired of being overworked, underpaid, and putting their families at risk. All of this is to keep the money machine going round. There is always going to be a group of people that gets sacrificed to keep the machine going, and we’re it.


Article Written By: Kaitlan Darby | @blackmambacreative


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