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Celebrating National Photography Month with Photographer RaShawn Goss-White

In 1987 Congress designating May as National Photography Month and acknowledged that photography plays a huge part in documenting history and milestones within society. Speaking exclusively with RaShawn Goss-White of RGF Ent and Photography, she shares her thoughts and the reason why she began to share her view of the world through its lens. RaShawn has captured many comedy legends and up-and-coming comedians in performance with her camera sharing their personalities and comedic genius. Just as prolific as those she captures, RaShawn is leaving a legacy of a true supporter of comedy.

RaShawn Goss-White RGF Ent and Photography

What was the inspiration for your business?

My inspiration came from creating memorable life moments and at times capturing memories. I am a people person and social butterfly so to speak, although I’m pretty organized and I love random living in the present moments that remind me “you are alive.” 

How do you remain motivated in pursuing your passion?

I continue to pursue my passion by staying encouraged by people who constantly hire me and tell me they appreciate my eye. And because I genuinely love what I do. 

What words of encouragement do you have for those who are afraid to launch?

I would tell those who feel that urge to take photos to get a decent camera and start snapping away and to just START because you will never achieve any part of your dream or passion. Also, appreciate and clap for yourself on every step up you accomplish. I’m thankful for all the steps no matter how big or little they may seem to be.

How do you manage self-doubt or fear?

I manage self-doubt and fear through meditation, holding on to encouraging words of others, and know that yes there are hundreds of photographers out there, but they don’t have your eye or vision…positive thinking!

RaShawn Goss-White RGF Ent and Photography National Photography Month

Name 3 women who inspire you:

I love the strength of Black women! My mom has shown me if you want something do not be afraid to work hard for it. Grandma taught me how to walk in love and show grace to others as well as myself.  And I love Oprah. She is a good businesswoman and being someone who had a tough upbringing, I prayed for pleasant adulthood and got through situations by a quote she said that “women really start living at 40” it always stuck with me, and honey I am enjoying my 40s thus far!!


Photographers are here to capture historical moments, preserve memories, and capture moments. Continuing to celebrate and support photographers and their contributions to our lives should be a given.


You can learn more about RaShawn and her company by visiting her Facebook | Instagram 



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