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Celebrity Host & Cancer Survivor Leads The Divas & Dolls Initiative

Celebrity host, brand manager, author, and cancer survivor Tyressa Ty is the creator and leader of the community initiative Divas and Dolls. Established in 2013, the program is in its 10th year, focusing on collecting dolls for young women to provide a sense of upliftment, encouragement, and cheer during the current holiday season, as it aligns with the larger goal of every girl deserving a doll, but they are a doll as well. Likewise, with a doll being a young girl’s “first friend,” it takes on an added meaning regarding one’s self-image and self-identity. She notes, “Every little girl around the world deserves a doll for Christmas.”

With her statement and sentiment being the driving force behind the event, for 2023, 32 powerhouse women covering 20 states and 38 cities are involved in making a difference via collections and deliveries taking place from December 20–24, 2023. In previous years, celebrities including (but not limited to) Tameka “Tiny” Harris are among those supporting, as all items are delivered to children’s hospitals, shelters, and even to those who are living under bridges and related spaces and places, the program has delivered thousands of dolls and hope to those in need (including 1500 in 2019). This year, author, CEO, and Atlanta Housewives’ Monyetta Shaw Carter and international model and actress Cynthia Bailey are serving as this year’s lead celebrity divas.

For more information, contact tydivasanddolls@gmail.com or asnortonccs@gmail.com.

To engage with Tyressa, you may do so via her Facebook page (Fiyah Tyressa Ty), Twitter (@FiyahTyressaTy), Instagram  (@FiyahTyressaTy), and website (fiyahtyressaty.com).


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