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CEO Chatter: 4 Tips for Killer Pitches with Precious “The KillerPitchMaster” Williams

Before we jump into four tips for killer pitches, here’s a little background on the Pitch Slayer, Precious Williams. 

Perfect Pitches By Precious founder and #KillerPitchMaster, Precious L. Williams, has influenced thousands — perhaps even millions — with her media interviews and appearances on Shark Tank and America’s Real Deal (which recently premiered in Beverly Hills). Recently, she released her latest book, The Pitch Queen: A Woman’s Journey From Poverty To Purpose & Profits.


All of us are selling something, even if it’s ourselves, our brands, our books, our products, or our services. You have, you know, the magazine. You have a media you have a media empire. Don’t ever dumb that down for anybody else. Don’t ever. Because there are people right now who need what we have. I started pitching for curvy girls. Know what people kept saying to me? No one cares about plus-size women. No one. 


4 Tips for Killer Pitches Summed Up


  1. Make them care about what you are saying. According to Precious, no one cares about what you are pitching. It’s your job to make them care. “What if you started off with a question, a startling statistic, or a quote instead of who you are and what you do?” asks Precious. Precious encourages us to interrupt our audience’s thinking.
  2. Be the only option that matters, and share your fears. “It’ll make you human,” Precious says. 
  3. Use your weaknesses as your strengths. Precious explains, “Your perceived flaws- age, race, class, sexual orientation, differently able, disabled, we’re looking at that like that’s a problem. Actually, in this day and age, it is your secret weapon because really, they never see you coming!”
  4. Flex your secret sauce. What’s your secret sauce? What makes you unique or different? Is it the way you set the stage when speaking, or have you learned your audience’s language? 

If you struggle with pitching, you will find value in this interview. But even if you don’t struggle with pitching, you will surely enjoy Precious and have a laugh! 

Click here to purchase The Pitch Queen: A Woman’s Journey From Poverty To Purpose & Profits.

Precious IG: @perfectpitchesp

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