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Christmas Movies Every Black Family Can Enjoy

Looking for Black Christmas movies?

As the hustle and bustle of the holiday season draw to a hectic close, be sure to enjoy every aspect of your family. With money being spent on thoughtful gifts intended to bring joy to the ones we love, don’t forget the best thing one can share is time. What better way to get in the spirit of Christmas than sipping hot cocoa, indulging in festive treats, and watching… you guessed it, holiday movies! 

While there are tons of great stories streaming, one network, in particular, has drummed up some really amazing content depicting Black families in the thick of Christmas antics and holiday cheer. Being said, here is a list of this year’s Christmas movies every Black family can enjoy. Best of all, they are streamed all in the same space, BET+. Check it out now so you, too, can find a piece of you in each movie. Happy Holidays!

6 Christmas Movies You Can Watch With The Family

    1. The Sound Of Christmas– Neyo comes off as a Scrooge archetype while mourning the loss of a loved one. Vowing never to play a tune or hum a hymn, the future unfolds with quite the opposite objective. Serayah plays a down-on-her-luck caretaker to children belonging to the wealthy, handsome, sought-after Neyo. The tale of an emotionally unavailable widower forced to contend with his battle with melodic memories during an impending holiday season, seemingly turned upside down by his children’s caretaker. Serayah boldly reintroduces a new way to enjoy the sound of Christmas. Watch what happens when one man sets aside superficial facades of what it means to be present for a holiday. 
    2. The First Noelle– Novi Brown, Lala Milan, and Todd Anthony explore the depths of unrequited love. When lovers and friends, Brown and Anthony, reconnect after time and distance apart, one is left wondering did they let their one true love slip away. When Anthony shows up with a new love interest played by Lala Milan, pride is swallowed or, more like, stuffed down Brown’s throat. Faced with the trajectory of her career advancing if she secures a win for the company, Brown attempts to have her cake and eat it too. Befriending the new girlfriend under the guise of being BFF’s with Anthony, she goes for the gusto when trying to steal her man back just in time for the holidays. You have to see how this mess unfolds.
  1. Christmas Party Crashers– Skye Townsend and Jaime M. Callica go for the gold when they decide to team up in efforts to pursue separate yet respective career interests. Their chance encounter definitely brought on more than each of them could bargain for when meeting at an astute gathering that the pair had every intention of crashing. Before long, everything goes awry in this quirky cinema, leaving you to wonder if reaching one’s dream is the only thing bonding the unsuspected couple. 
  2. A Miracle Before Christmas– LeToya Luckett and Romeo, an unlikely but handsome twosome, explores the imbalance of a woman juggling a burgeoning career, rearing children, and being a wife. As Luckett’s character would like to think, her life would be better off “only if… “ As her selfish wishes land her in a life she thought she would be better off in, Luckett wrestles with the idea of what is actually important to her. 
  3. A Wesley Christmas– Dorien Wilson and Jasmine Guy play martyrs in their family preparing for yet another Christmas dinner with their eccentric family. Not only does the storyline eerily resemble reality as it touches on the woes of Black relationships, but it also explores the effects of severed connections because of battles with mental health. Watch how persistence accompanied by a little tenderness, unveils a fresh perspective of bringing joy to the world.  Also, watch our coverage from the screening in Atlanta.
  4. The Christmas Clapback– Nadine Ellis, Porcha Coleman, and Candace Maxwell play sisters who carry on the legacy of their late mother through an annual baking contest. While the sisters are known as the reigning champions, their recipes and their luck is tested by new neighbor and hyper food influencer Kara Royster. While two of the sisters are focused on putting their foot in the upcoming bake-off, one sister is conflicted about pursuing a love interest. The heat is on, in and out of the kitchen. Find out what’s cooking with these ladies by checking out this lighthearted tale where love just may conquer all.


Article Written by: Jaymi Le | Jaymi Le is currently living a Bichie lifestyle in the streets of Brooklyn. She writes, produces and talks her ish effortlessly. Follow all things me @talktomslee_ . Remember to keep it cute, I might be talking about you on Talktomslee.com.



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