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Co-Founder of Eat UNrestricted Talks Better Cheddar, Veganism, and More

Dianna King is the co-founder of Eat UNrestricted. She has a family history of cancer, which inspired her to change to a vegan diet in June 2016. Shortly after hosting community dinners in 2016, she received a lot of compliments on the mac and cheese she would make. She worked on perfecting the recipe for two years and met Eric Thompson, who became a co-founder and helped her continue the perfection process for the recipe. They have introduced their “better cheddar” to the local market and have been given great positive feedback.


Kim: What is your SwagHer? What makes Dianna, Dianna?

Dianna: I make allergen-friendly vegan cheddar cheese dip from mainly carrots and potatoes. I enjoy working on projects and businesses that show the possibility of what people can enjoy eating and change the way people think about food.

Kim: Can you expand on the “why” behind Better Cheddar?

Dianna: I started Eat UNrestricted after the passing of a family member. I also have a dairy allergy, and peers with nut allergies and many other food allergies. We wanted to make the dinner table (or any table really) inclusive as well as healthy without sacrificing tasty meals.

Kim: I understand there was a history of cancer in the family. Were there other issues, such as food allergies, that you were thinking of? Or was cheese sauce being allergy friendly a bonus due to the ingredients?

Dianna: Yes, there are also food allergies that I wanted to help address with this product and make the dinner table more inclusive for me and my peers and family.

Kim: You hear more and more about how the food we consume, especially ultra-processed foods, can cause harm to our health over the long term. You switched to a vegan diet in 2016. What advice do you give to people who are looking to make dietary changes but don’t know where to start?

Dianna: I would say by starting to veganize your favorite meals. I believe when it comes to a transition like this, it’s really helpful to start with something familiar. If you can veganize your favorite meals and love them, then vegan or any other dietary-conscious meals will become easier to create.

Kim: How easy was it to use your background as an engineer in creating your cheese dip/sauce?

Dianna: As an engineer, I am naturally a problem solver. My background in engineering really helped when it came to recipe creation and looking at the numbers. However, when it comes to entertainment/social media, that is a new territory that I am learning to master.

Kim: Potatoes & carrots…wow! I’m familiar with using cauliflower as a substitute for foods, but never potatoes and carrots. With all the possibilities of healthier options, how did you land on potatoes and carrots?

Dianna: I figured carrots and potatoes because carrots have the nutrition as well as color, and potatoes are starchy and more familiar to people (especially those on a vegan diet).

Kim: With any lifestyle changes, keeping the foods you eat from being boring can be a challenge. What sort of foods do you cook (with or without Better Cheddar) to keep vegan eating exciting?

Dianna: I recently learned about creating a microwavable mug cake using Oreo cookies and water. It is a straightforward and fast recipe, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone, especially as the weather gets colder. Also, almost every morning for breakfast, I use the better cheddar to make scrambled “eggs.” 

Kim: Any plans to expand your line to other foods?

Dianna: Yes, we plan to add more SKUs (Stock-Keeping Units) as we grow and expand. However, we are mainly focused on scaling our hero product which is the better cheddar at the moment.

Kim: So, Better Cheddar is currently in independent stores in three states. Very awesome, indeed. What is your ultimate goal for Better Cheddar regarding access to the product? 

Dianna: We would love the better cheddar to be accessible nationwide through big box stores within 3-5 years. We also plan to continue providing nationwide shipping through our website and to have our product available through food services in corporations and schools. If anyone is interested in having our product for corporate gifting or events, feel free to reach out to us at 

Kim: How can our readers connect with you and Better Cheddar?

Dianna: They can follow us on Instagram at @eatunrestricted as well as email us at


Kim Cross Interview Done by: Kim Cross | Kim is the owner and Happy Skin Formulator at Zhi Bath & Body, a natural skincare shop based in Charlotte, NC.  She has been in the beauty industry for the last 30 years; working both as a stylist and skincare formulator.  Having dealt with severe psoriasis for over 20 years, she knows the hardship of finding products that are gentle, good for the skin, and smell amazing. 16 years of research and formulating has resulted in a goat milk skincare and soy candle line that is simply amazing. Helping you love you…naturally.


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