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Coloring the World with Tanisha Mackin

In this interview, we explore the inspiring journey of Tanisha, a bestselling author and publisher whose passion for art, travel, and storytelling has led her to create unique coloring books tailored to children’s travel experiences. Tanisha’s motivation stems from witnessing her own children’s sense of wonder during travel, igniting a desire to capture that magic through art. With her coloring books, she aims to impart healing and adventure, allowing young readers to immerse themselves in the excitement of road trips, airplane journeys, and explorations of new countries through vibrant colors. 


Read along as Tanisha shares her creative process, the personal stories behind her characters, and her vision for fostering curiosity and cultural understanding in young minds through the medium of coloring and storytelling. Additionally, Tanisha offers insights into her adult coloring book series and travel guides, inviting us all to embrace the joy of travel and creative expression.


Christina: What is your SwagHer? What makes Tanisha, Tanisha? 

Tanisha: My strength, my survivor skills, and my children are what make me. Life has presented me with its share of challenges, but these experiences have also instilled in me immense strength and resilience. They serve as powerful fuel for my passion to help others. My children are a constant source of inspiration, and together, we strive to create positive impacts on the world. 

Christina: What inspired you to create coloring books specifically tailored for children’s travel experiences?

Tanisha: Watching my children blossom as they traveled and embraced new experiences ignited a spark in me. I wanted to capture that same sense of wonder and discovery, and what better way than through the magic of art? 

Art and travel have always been powerful forms of therapy for me. They transport me, soothe my soul, and broaden my horizons. With these coloring books, I aim to share that same sense of healing and adventure with children. Imagine them embarking on their first road trip adventure, the excitement of their first airplane journey, or the awe of exploring a new country – all through the vibrant world of colors. 

Christina: As a bestselling author and publisher, what drives your passion for helping others share their stories through writing, particularly through ghostwriting and publishing services?

Tanisha: As a ghostwriter and publisher, I’m deeply passionate about the power of shared stories. The written word has a unique ability to connect, inspire, and even heal. You never know who might need to hear a particular story, and that’s what makes this work so meaningful. 

My greatest reward comes from helping clients unlock their stories. Witnessing the strength and empowerment they gain through sharing their experiences is truly inspiring. Collaborating with them and bringing their voices to life is a privilege. 

Christina: Tell us about the process of creating coloring books that not only entertain but also educate children about different destinations and cultures around the world.

Tanisha: My children’s coloring books are fueled by real-life adventures! I weave together my childhood travel memories with my children’s experiences to

create engaging stories. For example, in “My 1st International Trip,” children can color their way through a Balinese adventure, inspired by my daughter’s recent trip with me. By incorporating these personal stories, I aim to educate and excite young readers about the wonders of travel. 

Christina: Can you share how you developed the characters and storylines in your children’s coloring books? How do you feel these characters and storylines resonate with young readers?  

Tanisha: The characters and storylines in my coloring books are deeply personal. For instance, I’m not a huge fan of flying myself, but that doesn’t stop me from exploring the world! I wanted to capture this in the book by featuring two children: one who can’t wait for the plane ride and another feeling apprehensive. Through their experiences, I hope to show young readers that they can find ways to relax and enjoy the adventure even if they’re scared. 

Christina: Is there anything else you would like to share? 

Tanisha:  In addition to my children’s coloring books, I’ve also developed a line of adult coloring books that combine the joys of travel and art therapy. My first adult coloring book, Travel Heals: Color Your Way to Wellness, features inspiring travel quotes paired with beautiful imagery, perfect for sparking your wanderlust and relaxation. My second adult coloring book, Wanderlust Sisters, is an empowering coloring book that celebrates the adventures of black women around the world. Immerse yourself in diverse cultures and embrace the joy of travel through creative expression. 

To complement your artistic adventures, I’ve also created travel guides for various destinations. These guides offer valuable insights on cities, states, and countries, helping you plan your dream trip or armchair voyage. All these can be found on my website.


Connect with Tanisha below:


Instagram: @TanishasTravelingBag

Instagram: @TanishaMackinPublishing

LinkedIn: Tanisha Mackin, MBA



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