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Colors You Shouldn’t Wear on a First Date

Color psychology, have you heard of it? It is the study of how specific colors impact human behavior. Scientists in the field of color psychology suggest that choosing the perfect fragrance and ensemble is imperative for a first date. 

You know what they say? First impressions are lasting impressions; that’s why first dates can be exciting and frightening. You fret over the perfect fragrance, hairstyle, outfit, and shoes that will wow your date. How many of you considered what color to wear on that date? 

I have to be honest; the only time I thought about what color to wear was when I would have one of those ‘I’m so fat’ days and chose black to hide my fupa. Why? Because, well, old folks say black slims you down. 

The perfect colors to wear on a first date, according to these same experts, are red (passion and love) and black (sexy and elegant). They believe these two colors increase your date’s attraction to you. Green (refreshing) and purple (regal and bold) are next in line on the ‘best colors to wear on a first date list,’ but what about the colors experts say we shouldn’t wear? 

Colors to Avoid


Brown may be considered a warm earthy tone, but on a first date, according to color experts, it screams boring and safe and could come off as a lack of confidence in your date. This color could ruin any chances of a future romance.


Yellow is the color of friendship, not romance. For instance, different colored roses have different meanings; red roses represent love and passion, white roses symbolize new beginnings/budding love, and yellow roses mean friendship and joy. Yellow is not the color to wear on a first date unless you’re going out with someone you plan to place in the friend zone.


Wearing gray on a first date sends the message that you’re a tight-ass. Gray screams serious business and works best for job interviews, not initial dates, according to color psychologists. Rocking this color may put a pause on flirty exchanges and joking. What fun would that be? 


Orange is a color used to gain your attention. Many signs on the road, like ‘workers ahead,’ ‘road work ahead,’ and ‘detour,’ are orange. Experts believe wearing orange on a first date could make you appear like someone who craves the spotlight. If this isn’t your personality, wearing this color could end the date before it even begins. 

Colors That Are Hit or Miss on First Dates


If you appear on your first date in white, your first impression may be either snobbish or empowering. On the one hand, white means cleanliness, purity, and godliness; on the other, it can mean coldness and unfriendliness. You don’t want to leave it up for interpretation, so it’s best not to wear it. 


Like red has been voted the most attractive color on a woman, blue is considered the number one color men should wear on a first date because it is regarded as a masculine color, according to experts. Blue can symbolize wisdom, freedom, and imagination; it can also be cold and callous. If you choose to wear blue to dinner, don’t overpower your date with it because this color is reported to suppress the appetite. 

Do you have a go-to color for first dates? Let us know in the comments. 


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