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Come On, Sis, I Got You!

When a statement such as “I got you” is made, the person on the receiving end may feel supported, comforted, and relaxed. They likely feel as if a weight has been lifted from their shoulders, and they can keep going towards their goals. These three simple words can mean so much to someone who feels they are alone, unseen, unheard, or unappreciated.

This is the case in personal relationships and business. Yet, in business, it translates differently. In many cases, women are made to feel as if they have to compete with one another to achieve their desired level of success. As if there is only room for one woman to be great. Not to mention the constant battle for equality among male counterparts. The ladder to success is full of broken steps and loose nails however, women have always found a way to defy norms and make history.

Women are the thread that holds the fabric of this world together. When women intentionally combine their skills, talents, tools, and knowledge, they create magic. Lives are greatly impacted when women unite. Let’s face it: women don’t even like going to the bathroom alone in public, so why would women like to be alone in business? Sisterhood in the workforce is pivotal to patching those broken steps and covering those loose nails on the ladder to success.

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Shay ColeArticle Written by: Shay ColeShay is a writer, author, coach, poet, and publisher. She owns and operates Creative Chameleon LLC, a professional writing and publishing company, specializing in creating custom content for books, blogs, and websites. Shay has self-published a number of books and seeks to help others accomplish the same goal. She also performs her poetry on stages across the country. To learn more about Shay and what she does, please visit the website


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