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Creator and Owner of Bag Crush, Shannon “Hollywood” Rucker Talks Her Entrepreneur Journey & More

Owner and Creator of Bag Crush, Shannon “Hollywood” Rucker, is a serial entrepreneur located in the Metro Detroit area. Being an ARTIST most of her life, she has a niche for creating masterpieces.

Shannon has used humans as her canvas before bags became her passion. Shannon created art as a nail tech for over 27 years and then emerged as a Makeup Artist. Bag Crush is responsible for taking Shannon’s artistry to a different level. Shannon believes this is her calling and passion!

Bag Crush was established in 2015, where Shannon creates, cuts, designs, and sews handmade handbags. Shannon is a self-taught designer. The journey began with making clutch bags. Now Shannon creates multiple unique styled bags such as backpacks, fanny packs, fringe bags, hobo bags, and much more. Bag Crush’s motto is to build confidence with our edgy and unique designs.

Shannon dreams of opening her own manufacturing company in Detroit, MI, or the surrounding area. Her goal is to make Bag Crush a household name globally by creating bags and accessories that Bag Crush customers love!


Tammy: Please tell us about your company and the services you provide.

Shannon: Bag Crush is a brand I built from scratch in 2015. I started hand sewing my bags, then began designing and getting my handbags mass produced. I’m still doing custom orders, just not as much anymore. My customers still love the fact that I hand-make my bags to go with whatever they need them to go with.

Tammy: What does your business mean to you and your clients?

Shannon: My brand means everything to me. I’m a felon, and this is an outlet for me. I put my all into my brand. I’m just using the talents God gave me. Being a felon, it’s a little harder to work for someone. Being an entrepreneur is a no-brainer for me. I don’t have to work for anyone and can move how I want with my business. My brand means a lot to my customers because they know my back story and want me to win. They see how hard I work for my brand and the love I put into it.

Tammy: What impact do you want to make in the world as an entrepreneur?

Shannon: I want to make a significant impact in the world. Knowing that whatever circumstance you are put in, you can always overcome it. Never stop or give up on yourself first and your business. It will be hard times, but the reward, in the end, will be well worth it. Not only for yourself but for everyone you have encouraged or motivated along the way.

Tammy: How has your experience been so far being a part of the That Girl Tribe?

Shannon: Listen, when I tell you, working with Natasha has been nothing but a true blessing. It was meant for us to cross paths. The tribe is nothing but a sisterhood. We as women can work and support each other, which is what the tribe is all about. I absolutely love and am very appreciative of the tribe.

Tammy: Are you currently seeking help with your business? If so, what kind?

Shannon: Currently, all the help I need is currently being within the tribe. Eventually, I will need more hands-on help with sewing but other that, the tribe provides all I need.

Tammy: What are you most proud of during your entrepreneur journey?

Shannon: I’m most proud of never giving up on myself and my business when I feel it’s getting too hard. I’m proud that I’m in four local stores in the Metro Detroit area and still growing. I’m proud that I ship my handbags all over, not just in Michigan, and still growing with that as well. I’m proud to be collaborating with other dope entrepreneurs like myself. God has put like-minded people in my path, and I’m ever so grateful.

Tammy: What are you looking forward to?

Shannon: I’m looking forward to being a household name and being in major department stores worldwide.

Tammy: What else would you like our readers to know about your company?

Shannon: Be on the lookout for Bag Crush. I appreciate all the love and support that Bag Crush has been receiving. I will continue to put out luxury bags and more. Remember, my motto is:

I’m Different

I like Different

So, I create Different


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IG: bagcrush_est2015

FB: Bagcrush by Hollywood 

Photo Credit: Shawn Walker – @stayfocusphotography


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