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Deacon Gizelle Daniels Talks the Challenges of Faith and Standing Tall

Deacon Gizelle Taylor-Daniels is the wife of Jermaine Daniels, a mother of two and grandmother of two. She is currently a clinical office manager with the Family Medical Counseling Service, Inc. (FMCS), Pediatrics Department. 

Daniels is a Best-Selling and International Author and a contributing author in Reverend Allison G. Daniel’s Anthology: Empowered to Win

Daniels is genuinely enthusiastic about helping individuals achieve ultimate health care. She is committed to the promotion of preventive pediatric care as well as to the advancement of the physical, mental, and social well-being of children with the aim of attaining optimal health. 

A very memorable quote inspires Gizelle: “My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.” -Maya Angelou.

Gizelle holds a B.A. with honors in Health Services and a Certificate as a Community Health Worker from Trinity Washington University.

Deacon Gizelle is one of the authors of Unshakable Faith. This book includes stories from women who are true, pearls of great price, who have encountered trials and tribulations that challenged their faith, but, you will see that their faith was indeed, “Unshakable”. Minister Allison G. Daniels and several other women have shared stories from the heart as to how they had to redirect their emotions, redefine who God said they were, and their journey of being renewed, thus, allowing God to make a victorious difference in their lives, all to His glory.

SwagHer: How would you describe your SwagHer? What makes you who you are?

Deacon Gizelle:  My SwagHer, I am created in the image of God. I have an anointing over my life! God has blessed and empowered me to heal the brokenhearted. I am Salt and Light, an influencer to those in bondage, hurting, and unwavering. I will continue to stand firm, steadfast, resolute, and unwavering, at times bent but not broken, stretched, and strengthened in my faith walk with God! UNSHAKABLE FAITH!

SwagHer: Why did you decide to take part in the Unshakable Faith anthology?

Deacon Gizelle: This was a dream, a desire, and an excellent opportunity for my sisters and me. I am passionate about the community that I serve. I enjoy raising awareness and educating my community/public. Sharing my chapters one story at a time is such a pivotal opportunity for me. My goal is to bear fruit to empower individuals to become motivated to grow in their Faith and Trusting in God!

As an author, I now have the ability to reach individuals and provide tools and strategies on how to overcome life adversities. Because we live in a fallen world, obstacles and life challenges are inevitable. I hope and pray that we will be equipped, ready, and full of UNSHAKABLE FAITH when struggles come.

SwagHer: Can you describe a time when your faith was challenged, but you stood tall?

Deacon Gizelle: Ten years ago, I desired peace, perfect peace. I wanted freedom from a lifestyle of disturbance that resided within my soul. I desired balance, while my soul desired harmony. I desired to be spiritually healthy and free from fear, doubt, and past pain.

As I began to concentrate on the inner work that had started in me, that is, learning about myself through the knowledge of God, this gave me purpose and the desire to become more like Jesus. I was faced with a familiar diagnosis of hypertension (high blood pressure). The uncontrolled hypertension caused moderate damage to my kidneys. I was diagnosed with stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease. I began to pray, praying for my healing and with an expectation of being healed. I was committed to God and His Word. I gained hope out of a dark moment. The Bible assures us that God is present, protecting us and revealing our safety in the Spirit.

SwagHer: How do you view your work as a vocation, a call from God, and a duty to God?

Deacon Gizelle: I surrender my life to God, and my work is no longer a vocation; it is my ministry and worship. According to the oxford dictionary, vocation is defined as a person’s employment or main occupation, especially regarded as worthy and requiring great dedication. I am a clinical office manager of a Pediatric Department; I am passionate about serving and advocating for the rights of the underserved population and improving the quality of the community by providing new insight into the health system. This is my gift from GOD, “my calling.”

SwagHer: What was the writing process like for you?

Deacon Gizelle: My writing style/process is to write down the three topics provided by the visionary author. Then I go to God in prayer. I pray to God, asking for self-awareness, focus, inspiration, and protection. The three topics provided will serve as my road map for planning and drafting. The purpose of the road map is to create a cohesive plot that will keep me on track and keep the plot interesting and engaging. However, once I decided to write my truth, I began to hear from God, and my therapy session to healing began. 

SwagHer: Have you authored any other books? If so, please list them.

Deacon Gizelle:  Empowered to Win, 3rd Anthology (5.0)

SwagHer: Where can readers follow and connect with you?


Instagram:  Gizelle.gigitaylordaniels


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