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Ecoslay: Revolutionizing Hair Care

“My SwagHer is a blend of entrepreneurial spirit, a heart deeply connected to family and community, and a relentless pursuit of sustainability and social responsibility. It’s about being fearlessly authentic, compassionate, and committed to leaving a positive, enduring impact on the world.” 

– Adria Marshall, Ecoslay CEO 


Adria Marshall is the brilliant mind behind Ecoslay. The eco-friendly hair care brand that is revolutionizing hair care and, at the same time nurturing the minds of upcoming entrepreneurs and their brands through Ecoslay and the Ecobator initiative. For Marshall, her hair care journey started like so many women searching for products that would aid them in keeping their hair healthy; unfortunately, she never found anything that worked, and the rest, as they say, is history. 

While it may seem that Ecoslay is just another hair care brand, it is a movement. Marshall explained it like this, “At the heart of my journey is a profound connection to sustainability and the well-being of our community. I am particularly moved by the plight of people experiencig homelessness in Atlanta, and through The Ecoslay Foundation, we are striving to make a meaningful difference in their lives. Our initiatives are designed to address immediate needs while also fostering long-term, sustainable change.”

To her credit, Marshall has a keen understanding of what it takes to be successful, leaving no stone unturned, especially as it relates to nurturing the capabilities of up-coming entrepreneurs through Ecoslay and the Ecobator initiative. When asked why this was a pivotal part of her organization, she summarized it by saying, “At Ecoslay, our commitment to nurturing ambitious entrepreneurs is an essential element of our identity, reflecting a culture deeply rooted in innovation, sustainability, and community support. My mentorship of three promising entrepreneurs within Ecoslay and our impactful initiatives and partnerships exemplify this commitment. A prime example of our dedication is The Ecobator Program, born from our challenges while scaling Ecoslay.” 

Adria Marshall has set the tone for the future of hair care and has created a lane that is changing the face of an industry. Particularly because Ecoslay is a multifaceted organization committed to evolution, with that said, another impactful component of her brand is that her products are environmentally friendly. When asked the reason for this decision, Marshall had this to say: “When I founded Ecoslay, it was clear that our products had to be eco-friendly. This decision was a natural fusion of my environmental consciousness and my hair care journey. By choosing eco-friendly products, we provide gentle, effective hair care solutions and contribute to a healthier planet. Our products, crafted with plant-based ingredients, reflect a commitment to sustainability and a belief in the power of nature.” 

Aside from being Ecofriendly, it is important to add that Ecoslay proudly sources its ingredients from a local Black-owned farm in Georgia, Ecoslay ensures the high quality of its products and contributes to the local community’s economic empowerment. 

All things considered, from here, what it looks like is the only place to go is up so what does the future of Ecoslay look like? Marshall framed it this way, “The future for Ecoslay is one of ambitious growth, deepened community impact, and continued innovation in sustainability and mentorship.” She added that several factors would get them there. For example, Expanding Product Offerings, Sustainable Ingredient Sourcing, and Addressing Homelessness in Atlanta, to name a few.  

As a final note, Marshall had some sage advice for Entrepreneurs and reflected on her entrepreneurial journey, saying, “In our culture at Ecoslay, we don’t use the word’ failure.’ Instead, we view these experiences as valuable ‘learnings’ or opportunities for reflection and improvement. At a recent press conference, Michelle Rice wisely called these moments “pivots, ” and I couldn’t agree more. My advice to entrepreneurs who face challenges in launching their brands for the first time revolves around this mindset.”

She ended with, “The journey to success for Ecoslay was marked by a series of challenges, especially after Orange Marmalade went viral in 2018 That unexpected surge in demand thrust me into the deep end of entrepreneurship, and I had to learn quickly, often by the seat of my pants. One of the first major hurdles was facing rejection from factories. Finding manufacturing partners willing to take a chance on us as a new and rapidly growing brand was difficult.”


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Interview Done by: Candis Johnson|  Candis Johnson is an author and freelance journalist from NJ. She is the editor of the Literary Magazine series SOUL as well the erotica anthology Erogenous Zone. She has a passion for music and the artists who create it. You can follow her on Instagram @candiimariemedia



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