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Elevating Black Women: Dr. Marcea’s Journey

For every Black woman in power, a Black woman pushed her into position. Let’s take a minute to appreciate just how incomparable Black women are. As we celebrate Black Business Month, I want to acknowledge a woman who has literally made it her business to uplift and transform the minds of other women. Dr. Marcea B. Whitaker can attest to the tenacity of Black women and the strength it takes to be one. Dr. Marcea’s life’s work has been dedicated to “Equipping Women to Live the Girl Boss Life.” 

 Through her own experiences and expertise, Girl Boss Life Academy was born. Girl Boss Life Academy ensures participants will surpass stagnant beliefs while ushering them onto predestined pathways. Those who relegate future entrepreneurs are not given enough credit.  Life coaches like Dr. Marcea offer insight and motivation, ultimately becoming the foundation entrepreneurs need to thrive. Sometimes the war we wage within ourselves stems from fragmented thoughts. Girl Boss Life Academy seeks to quiet the doubts inexperience can create by offering a ninety-day tailored plan formulated by Dr. Marcea where clarity can begin to unfold. Breaking down the formula into three steps: Discover, Decide, and Deliver, women can implement effective changes at a safe pace.

Dr. Marcea’s ability to cultivate powerful mindsets has been recognized by USA Today as a “Top Entrepreneur to Watch,” furthering the phenom that Black women are directly planted behind those who are running the world. When the physician, life coach, speaker, and author was featured in Forbes Magazine, she encouraged women from all walks of life to “Become Your Own X-Factor.” Overcoming obstacles and obtaining numerous accolades in pursuit of satisfaction ordinarily brings women to the point of vulnerability with Whitaker. Instead of exploiting the emotions of her participants, she reasons with her own flaws as testimony. In her book Marked from Birth: The Transformational Journey from Flawed to Fabulous, Dr. Marcea Whitaker delves deep into her own process. The extraordinary healing she’s brought herself to, is not only powerful but a timeless testament surely to inspire for years to come. 


 In need of a little boost? Here’s a dose of empowerment from the powerhouse herself, Dr. Marcea Whitaker:

JL: “I am the X-Factor.” Wow, that’s powerful. Affirmations are endearing, but what does it mean to be the x-factor? 

Dr.MW: Being The X-Factor means knowing the special sauce is already within you! I’m not looking outside of me to find what has been inside of me all along! 

 JL: Without giving away too much, can you share a synopsis of your formula, Discover. Decide. Deliver? 

Dr.MW: The formula of Discover. Decide. Deliver. is a powerful mix of: 

1. Discover self-awareness and desire to be greater than you are. 

2. Upleveled decision-making where you first consider what you want. You don’t always have to act on it, but you give yourself permission to have an opinion. 

3. Delivering…that is taking empowered action. It’s the only way you can reach your destiny! No one is coming to save you. And IF they did, you are now dependent on someone giving you a piece of their destiny.


Interview Done by: Jaymi Le | Jaymi Le is currently living a Bichie lifestyle in the streets of Brooklyn. She writes, produces, and talks her ish effortlessly. Follow all things me @talktomslee_. Remember to keep it cute, I might be talking about you on


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