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Elevating Massage Therapy from Luxury to Necessity

In this interview, Meagan, a seasoned professional in the salon and spa industry, unveils her inspiring journey from an industry expert to a passionate business owner, placing Massage Therapy at the forefront of wellness. Meagan shares her motivation to shift perceptions, emphasizing the necessity of massage in pivotal life moments like weddings. As the founder of Namaste My Day, she reflects on the challenges and growth experienced, advocating collaboration over competition. Delving into her impactful events like “Teach Us Massage Therapy” and “Winter Wellness & Serenity Soiree,”  Meagan discusses how these gatherings contribute to her mission of educating on positive touch and overall well-being. She sheds light on the myriad benefits of Massage Therapy, challenging the perception of it as a luxury, and urges a deeper understanding of its profound impact on mental and physical well-being. Meagan concludes by inviting a greater appreciation for the industry’s depth and encourages everyone to explore and support certified therapists in their journey toward holistic wellness.


Christina: What is your SwagHer? What makes Meagan, Meagan? 

Meagan: My drive and determination have always been intriguing; when I know exactly what I want, go and get it. I’ve always been a hard worker. 

Christina: What inspired you to transition from being a part of the salon and spa industry for 15 years to becoming a business owner and focusing on Massage Therapy as a necessity rather than a luxury? 

Meagan: I wanted to be the voice of Massage Therapy in the wedding industry and anyone who will listen. I wanted to educate couples in the wedding process that you NEED to get massages during that time. It’s so important, we put Massage Therapy in such a box, and it’s so much more complex than that. After the birth of my first child, I realized how capable I truly am and how much knowledge I have of not only massage therapy but also the salon and spa industry that needed to be shared. I love to educate anyone who will listen, and that’s when I felt it was time. 

Christina: Describe what self-care means to you. 

Meagan: It means to reset, a time to reflect and guide yourself back to a more grounded starting point and doing anything that helps you get to that point, mentally and physically. 

Christina: How has your experience as a business owner been since you opened Namaste My Day, and what challenges have you faced? 

Meagan: It has been so eye-opening. I have learned so much more about capability and achieving things outside of the box within myself. I am a no-competition person. I am more about working together and understanding how to uplift each other for the bigger picture. I did a lot of this on my own with absolutely no help, and it showed and was great. Now, as I am placing Namaste and Massage Therapy as a whole in places and spaces that you wouldn’t expect, I am seeking help. One of my goals is to build a team to continue to do what I love, which is bodywork and education. 

Christina: Could you elaborate on the events you’ve hosted, such as “Teach Us Massage Therapy, A Wellness Event” and “Winter Wellness & Serenity Soiree”? How have these events contributed to your mission of educating others about positive touch, communication, and overall well-being? 

Meagan: Those events were so monumental, in my opinion, especially when it comes to all

that I am trying to fulfill in this journey. My event “Teach Us” I still have no words to really define, and it’s been a year now because I wasn’t expecting all the feedback and love that was felt and expressed during that time. The marriages I was told I helped by encouraging positive communication were overwhelmingly pleasing. We not only had MTs there, but we also had a Yoga instructor teaching couples yoga and a Sound Bowl Meditation specialist. I think that combination took us all by surprise when it completed unity in couples. My friends and I that co co-hosted “Winter Wellness” get together once a month to talk about our businesses, help if needed, and connect.

After they attended my event, they said there is such a need in Baltimore ( where their businesses are), and just like mine, they wanted to showcase their product suppliers and talented clientele. We had vendors from all across the business spectrum. Still, we kept the Yoga, and Sound Bowl Meditation, and added Breath Work because those industries are so important to implement in your everyday routine. It’s not only rewarding when your attendees praise your event, but when your vendors connect with each other, and with another month away, you know you’re making a difference. 

Christina: Can you share some of the benefits of Massage Therapy, especially for those who may see it as a luxury rather than a necessary component of self-care? 

Meagan: Massage Therapy has so many benefits. It not only releases tension in the body, but it is also a mental clarity session. No matter how long you are on that table, you can feel spacy ( which is normal ) afterward. We all need time out from our busy schedules, personal life, and anything else you can step away from to rest. One of the most common things you’ll hear us say is just one hour on the table is cumulative to eight hours of sleep—just one hour. Massage Therapy helps with healing by improving circulation throughout the entire body and encouraging flexibility and movement. We do not only use our hands we use our elbows, knuckles, soft fists, and fists, and some are certified in using just feet. For our industry, we use our entire body to help yours. We help improve and release in yours and, at the same time, give you space mentally to let go. It’s more than just stress relief. Some of us are certified in Trauma Mental relief and so much more. 

Christina: Is there anything else you would like to share? 

Meagan: With everything that you may have heard about Massage Therapy, I hope that what I have shared enhances you to want to learn more about our industry and go to someone who has the certifications that you are seeking. And give your therapist more credit when it comes to “ just a massage” because, for us, it has more depth than that. 


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