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Empowering Lives and Building Generational Wealth

Welcome to this insightful interview with Antionett, the founder of Level Up Financial, LLC, a remarkable entrepreneur on a mission to transform lives through financial literacy. In a candid conversation with SwagHer, she unveils her unique essence as a natural nurturer, a selfless and intuitive goal-setter, and a devoted advocate for financial empowerment.

Antionett’s Level Up Financial, LLC, offers a diverse range of services encompassing personal and business finance restoration, strategic planning, mentorship, and coaching. Her passion lies in empowering clients to comprehend the value of credit, leverage business credit, and attain generational wealth through wise investments.

Beyond her financial strategist role, Antionett thrives as a social media influencer, dedicating daily hours to engage with her audience, who she considers vital to her business. Her commitment to imparting valuable information underscores her dedication to helping others.

She shares invaluable tips for those grappling with financial literacy, emphasizing mindset transformation, healthy financial habits, budgeting, saving, and credit leverage. Her advice resonates with those seeking to turn dreams into reality through the gateway of good credit.

As a Mental Health Advocate, Ms. Beck seamlessly integrates mental well-being into her coaching and education, recognizing its profound impact on individuals and business owners. She strives to destigmatize mental health conversations, shedding light on its significance in the community.

Her recognition by Voyage Michigan Magazine highlights her contributions to Detroit, including donations to nonprofits, free financial literacy workshops for youth, and young adult classes. Antionett invites others to support her cause, reinforcing her commitment to community betterment.

Antionett leaves us with a potent message of consistency, resilience, and faith. Her journey exemplifies that the pursuit of dreams, coupled with a willingness to learn and a touch of spirituality, can lead to transformative success. She is indeed a beacon of hope and financial empowerment, lighting the way for countless others to follow.


Christina: What is your SwagHer? What makes Antionett, Antionett? 

Antionett: I am a natural nurturer, so helping others has always been a passion for me.  I am a very selfless, intuitive, goal-oriented person. I am grateful to be able to help others while changing lives, teaching the importance of financial literacy, and helping others become successful is the most rewarding feeling as an entrepreneur.

Christina: Can you describe the types of services offered by Level Up Financial, LLC, and how they can contribute to improving clients’ financial literacy and success?

Antionett:  Absolutely, we offer Business and Personal finance Restoration, Business structure, planning, strategies, Mentorship, and 1;1 and group coaching. My company contributes to improving my client’s financial literacy and success by ensuring they fully understand the value of good personal and business credit. Also, teaching them how to leverage their business credit and being able to invest in businesses and industries that will give them generational wealth. We also teach on life insurance and Trust formations and the importance it is to having both, and much more.

Christina: Apart from your role as a Financial Strategist, you are also a social media influencer. How do you find the time to engage with your social media audience and run a business? 

Antionett: My audience is a big contributor to my business, so I have to show up for them daily.  I set time aside daily, about two hours, to post and engage with my supporters. I enjoy helping others, so giving out valuable information to my audience daily is very important to me.  

Christina: What are a few tips you can give our readers that may be struggling to understand financial literacy and the importance of it? 

Antionett: Start by researching and understanding your rights to consumer law. It all starts with a mindset change, creating new healthy financial habits, budgeting, saving, making on-time payments, learning how to leverage your credit, and most importantly, investing in your future. Having good credit will open so many doors for you to turn your dreams into reality.  

Christina: As a Mental Health Advocate, how do you incorporate this role into your overall work as a Coach and Educator, and why is it important to your mission?

Antionett:  I incorporate this into my role because mental health impacts a person significantly. Mental health is a very important factor as a business owner, it is very important to my mission because it brings awareness. There are so many levels of mental health that our community is not even aware of or even have knowledge about. So, it is my mission to share my experience and knowledge so that it’s not so much of a taboo conversation. 

Christina: You were recognized by Voyage Michigan Magazine for your contributions to your city. Can you name a few things you have done? How can others support the cause?  

Antionett: Yes, of course.  Level Up has donated to multiple non-profits in Detroit and the surrounding areas. We also host free financial literacy workshops and classes in our local libraries for the youth and young adults. Others can support the cause by contacting me via email (

Christina: Is there anything else you would like to share? 

Antionett: Stay consistent, it will not be easy, but it will be worth the risk, the money and clients will come. Never give up on chasing your dreams; always be willing to learn, be teachable, and put God in everything you do!


Connect with Antionett below:


Instagram: llclevelupfinacial

Facebook: Antionett Beck-Doss 

Tiktok: toni.lasha 

LinkedIn: Antionett Beck



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