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Erotica & Romance Author, Obsession, Releases 18th Book

Seasoned author Obsession launches her latest book, “Loving You Still,” a second-chance romance. The Chicago native has published 17 romance, drama, and erotica books and five poetry books. Aside from being an author, Obsession is an award-winning poet, local artist, and photographer. She is a passionate child advocate and is at the end stages of her master’s degree in clinical psychology, which she will use to work with children, teens, and young adults suffering from ACEs (adverse childhood experiences).

Today the novelist releases the long-awaited sports romance, “Loving You Still,” but we will get more into that later. Get a taste of Obsession and her work below. 

Fancy: “The chains of marriage are so heavy that it takes two to bear them, and sometimes three.”-Alexandre Dumas.

I love how you used this quote in the book’s description on Amazon! Was it this quote that inspired the premises of your book “Wrecktangle,” or was it inspired by something else? 

Obsession: Wrecktangle randomly came to me one day. I wanted to write some of the sexiest but hated characters I could. I aimed to write a messy love story that left readers’ mouths wide open. It took me over a year to come up with the title. It was pure agony! But once I had it, I knew I had the perfect one.

Fancy: What sparked your love for writing?

Obsession: I’m a victim of child abuse. I used writing to help me survive. I wrote my first poem when I was seven but didn’t write my first fiction piece until my late twenties. An old friend, a published author, challenged me to write one fictional chapter. I took her up on the challenge and fell in love. That was in 2011. I never looked back.

Fancy: Who are some of your favorite authors?

Obsession: My favorite authors are Omar Tyree, Eric Jerome Dickey (RIP), and Kay Hooper.

Fancy: So tell us what it was like creating the characters of Adina and Lavar Jackson.

Obsession: I had a blast creating Adina and Lavar. They are two of the most despised characters I’ve ever written, which was my goal. I wanted to make them so unlikeable that they would be memorable. Their behavior and personalities suck. Their emotional immaturity was the foundation for the breakdown of their marriage. It took a tragedy to strike for them to get their stuff together, which is the story of so many people in the world.

Fancy: Did you face any challenges while writing this last book?

Obsession: I faced a couple of challenges while writing this book. I made it to the middle of the book, and out of nowhere, writer’s block! I started “Wrecktangle” in 2020 and finished and published it in the summer of 2022. It had never taken me two years to complete a manuscript. It would still be unfinished on my laptop if I didn’t push myself. Another challenge I faced was getting the perfect cover for this “affairytale”. I grapple with perfection more than I’d like to admit, so I worked the designer’s nerves until I was satisfied, and that took a bit of time.

Fancy: Do you have a writing routine? If so, please share.

Obsession: I write early in the morning when it’s the quietest and still dark. I put my phone on Do Not Disturb, make a cup of coffee, turn on my owl desk lamp and Pandora radio, and get to work. Sometimes, I light a yellow candle as it represents creativity.

Fancy: What are you currently working on or are you taking a break?

Obsession: I am currently working on a new project. My latest WIP (work in progress) is titled “I just wanna be loved.” It’s a tale of two beautiful strangers who will navigate the delicate dance between desire and vulnerability, discovering that sometimes, the very thing you’ve been avoiding is the one thing you’ve been searching for all along. The release date for this project is March 2024. A preorder link will be available in February. 

Fancy: Do you see there being more to the Jacksons’ story?

Obsession: Absolutely not. Those characters were fun to write but draining. Their story is complete.

Author Obsession's "Loving You Still" book cover

Fancy: Do you have any projects or events that you care to share? 

Obsession: I’m finalizing some events for summer and fall, so stay tuned. I just released the third book in my Nasty Naughty & Nice short erotica series, titled “Sweet,” on January 1st. If you like naughty fiction, click this link and check out this series https://a.co/d/9MpvQ4j

My second-chance romance book titled “Loving You Still,” is currently available and on Kindle Unlimited. 

Here’s the synopsis: It’s the summer of 1993 in the heart of Chicago. Two young souls are drawn together by something indescribable. Vadeem, the hottest coach in the NBA, and Kess, a gifted sports psychologist, were just ten years old when their paths first crossed. Little did they know their love would be short-lived, not by choice, but by a grudge between their mothers.

For years, Vadeem and Kess were forbidden from seeing each other, forced to conceal their feelings and move on. 

Then, by a twist of fate, Vadeem and Kess crossed paths again. The connection that had been buried for so long resurfaced like it never left. Unfortunately, the same family secret threatens to tear them apart once again. Will Vadeem and Kess find the strength to defy destiny and hold onto the love that has haunted them for a lifetime? 

“Loving You Still” is a tale of love’s enduring power between two hearts that refused to forget a love that couldn’t be denied.

Click this 🔗 https://a.co/d/7nSZEP7 to purchase Loving You Still.

Fancy: Where can readers follow and connect with you? 

Obsession: Readers can visit my linktr.ee page for access to all my books and social media pages, https://linktr.ee/authorobsession.


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