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Esthetician Tam Mason Explains the Importance of Skincare

Zhi Bath & Body owner, Kim Cross sits down with esthetician Tam Mason of Soul Beautiful Skin.


Kim: Thank you, Tam!  As a formulator of skincare products, I’ve learned so much from you as my family esthetician.  I want to share with the SwagHer audience how important estheticians are and how you all help us get and maintain the healthy glow of our skin. So I’ll get right in…


How did you get into esthetics and why is it important to see an esthetician?


Tam: Hello! I got into esthetics after suffering from face and body acne for years. I saw several dermatologists who prescribed antibiotics, but the acne would return and my skin was dry. The dermatologist office had an esthetician on-site, and one day we started talking. I scheduled an appointment and we discussed proper skincare and factors contributing to acne. She was so knowledgeable about all things skin! I became interested and went from there. 


Kim: What’s the difference between you and a dermatologist?


Tam: Dermatologists treat skin disorders and prescribe medications for the skin. An esthetician can perform skin and body treatments to address skin concerns such as acne, hyperpigmentation, dryness, eczema, etc. An esthetician usually compliments dermatologist and their treatments. The main difference is estheticians are not able to prescribe medication or give medical diagnoses. We focus on ingredients, and skin health.  I have found we also spend more time with our guests because we perform a thorough skin analysis and lifestyle assessments and actually touch the skin. We are licensed to treat acne as well as perform chemical treatments


Kim: When people I encounter think of taking care of their skin and visiting a professional like you, the first thing that comes to mind is facials.  Do you only care for the face?


Tam: I perform corrective facials, body treatments, body sculpting services, and yoni wellness services/consultations.


Kim: I know you facilitate the youthfulness of skin all year long, but for today, we’ll specifically talk about stress, cooler weather and how these two things affect our skin. With stress, what impact does stress have on our skin?


Tam: High levels of stress can definitely lead to skin issues, specifically breakouts.


Kim: Are there specific signs that show up on your skin as a result of stress? Or is stress something you just have to be mindful of so you’ll know how to manage your skin?


Tam: Sudden breakouts when everything else is under control (diet, water intake, and a skin routine specific to your skin type) is usually a good indicator of being stressed


Kim: What solutions do you, as an esthetician, offer for relief of stressed skin?


Tam: A great esthetician will do a skin analysis, assess diet and lifestyle, and offer suggestions to manage stress and control breakouts. 


Kim: This is awesome!  So like stress, changing seasons can affect our skin in strange ways.  I get a little more sensitive, so I switch cleansers.  Many people don’t know they should be mindful of their skin as the seasons change. What should we be doing as winter approaches?


Tam: Speak with your esthetician about product changes for example a heavier moisturizer,  more hydrating serum, or a cream-based cleanser if you are on the drier side.


Kim: I’ve heard that our water intake is just as important in winter as in summer. Is more water REALLY necessary in winter?


Tam: Proper hydration is essential all year round,(half of your body weight in water if no health concerns) but you may find yourself feeling less hydrated in the winter. 


Kim: What about sunscreen…is it necessary in winter since the sun doesn’t shine as much?


Tam: Sunscreen is essential all year round. It is the #1 anti-aging product you can use. I suggest a physical sunscreen to help prevent hyperpigmentation. 


Kim: My family has benefited from your expertise for a while now, even my teenager.  When (at what age) should a person start to visit an esthetician?  Do you care for mature skin also?


Tam: I suggest seeing an esthetician if you have skin concerns you need to address such as acne (which usually begins as a teenager). An esthetician can also tell you what type of skin you have and develop a custom skin routine for you. My guests range in age from 14-80.  I treat all skin but specialize in skin of color. 


Kim: Is seeing an esthetician a customized experience or is it more along the lines of seeing, say, the dentist or eye doctor…once a year? 


Tam: There are many different types of estheticians, relaxing, holistic, corrective, etc. I give a customized experience based on the skin analysis and your skin goals. In my studio, you will only see me for private sessions. There are no other guests in the area during your time.  My guests love this option. 


Kim: I’m so thrilled to talk with you about what you do and gather information for others who don’t know and may have never visited an esthetician. Your insight is much appreciated. Last few questions…


Are there any additional benefits of regular visits to an esthetician that a person wouldn’t know to come to you for? 


Tam: One of the key benefits of seeing an esthetician is correcting your skin concerns, in turn, this boosts everyone’s confidence! You also enjoy a relaxing undisturbed experience with a custom music selection, aromatherapy, and a beverage. Most of my guests are able to go makeup-free. 


Kim: How can people find or get in touch with you? 


Tam: I am on Facebook and Instagram @soulbeautifulskin 

My website is www.soulbeautifulskin.com 

Phone number is 980.275.1077

I am located in the University area of Charlotte. 


Kim: Any promotions or special services you’d like to share?


Tam: Monthly features are on our website under the Features Tab.

Interview By: Kim Cross

Kim Cross is the owner and Happy Skin Formulator at Zhi Bath & Body, a natural skincare shop based in Charlotte, NC. Zhi Bath and Body is a small, veteran-owned natural skincare business. 


She has been in the beauty industry for the last 30 years; working both as a stylist and skincare formulator.  Having dealt with severe psoriasis for over 20 years, she knows the hardship of finding products that are gentle, good for the skin, and smell amazing. 16 years of research and formulating has resulted in a goat milk skincare and soy candle line that is simply amazing. Helping you love you…naturally.


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