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Five Amazon Gadgets Every Woman Should Have

Whether you have a strong partner by your side or you’re as single as a dollar bill, there are five Amazon gadgets every woman should always have on her. These items are not only essential to women’s safety, but they also make our days run smoother. 

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Emergency Security Alert Key Chain | $11.95

This USB rechargeable personal alarm keychain is loud and bright, which is perfect for women who love to jog alone, and travel early morning and late at night. With no batteries and no accidental alarm triggering, this noisy device will get the attention you may need in an emergency. 


Tactical hair clips | $14.49

If you’re a woman that enjoys camping, hunting, hiking, and online shopping, these multitool snap barrettes can cut through boxes, tighten reading or sunglasses, cut through zip ties, and more! Although fashionable and handy, these hair clips are sharp, so please handle them carefully.  


Emergency Roadside Kit | $89

Ladies, if you own a vehicle, you must own a car emergency kit and know what to do with it. This kit has an air compressor, first aid kit, jumper cables, tow rope, a headlamp, and much more! Safety behind the wheel is more than wearing a seatbelt and keeping your eyes on the road, it’s also about car maintenance and having what you need in case of a roadside emergency.


Compact mirror that doubles as a phone charger | $24.99

Small enough to fit inside a clutch bag and powerful enough to charge your cellphone, this stylish gadget has a 3x magnifying mirror and the option to adjust the brightness level to your preference. 


Sensory Activated Handbag Light | $11.59

The Uonlytech Sensory Touch Activated Purse Light makes finding items like our keys or lip balm in our bags less of a hassle! It clips on, it’s portable, and it’s durable, which makes a world of difference if you’re a lady who is always on the go!


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