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Founder of Chacolet Bar, Jas’Nee Transforms Personal Struggles into Building Women-Centric Haven

Embark on a transformative journey with Jas’Nee, the visionary founder of The Chacolet Bar, as she candidly shares her path from battling depression to creating an empowering haven for women. In this insightful interview, discover the origins of The Chacolet Bar, where personal struggles paved the way for a community-centric space. As a licensed esthetician and serial entrepreneur, Jas’Nee unveils the evolution of her journey, from the challenges of obtaining legal certification to the focus on waxing services and pioneering “vajacials.” Delve into The Chacolet Bar’s unique approach, fostering sisterhood and open conversations around intimate issues, offering a safe space for women. Recognized as an American Express Community Champion, Jas’Nee sheds light on her impactful monthly Networking Meetups, spotlighting small businesses and creating personal shopping experiences. Gain valuable advice for aspiring entrepreneurs seeking empowerment and holistic well-being at the core of their ventures. Finally, get a glimpse into Jas’Nee’s exciting plans for 2024, including a lash/wax tour, Networking Mixer on the Road, collaborations, corporate contracts, and the relaunch of her signature bathline “A Box of Chacolet.”


Christina: What is your SwagHer? What makes Jas’Nee, Jas’Nee? 

Jas’Nee: My values make me me. Loyalty, integrity and my open mind are my top values. I believe in staying loyal to my roots and those around me, not compromising my morals and being completely transparent. It helps me to genuinely connect with people I come into contact with.  

Christina: Can you share the story behind the founding of The Chacolet Bar and how your personal journey, including battling depression, influenced the creation of this empowering space for women? 

Jas’Nee: The Chacolet Bar started long before I received my esthetics license. In my deepest depression back in 2017, I felt alone was extremely insecure, and had no direction. I started off with creating a community social networking business for apartments called “Sess” (Short for Session but never went through with the LLC) and planned to create that community for women and single mothers. So I knew that I always wanted to have a “safe space for women” and that’s where the vision of The Chacolet Bar came into fruition later on.

Christina: As a licensed esthetician and serial entrepreneur, how did your experience in taking a lash class lead to the realization of the need for full legalization, and how has your journey evolved into the focus on waxing services and specializing in “vajacials”? 

Jas’Nee: I had a mentor back when I went to cosmetology school for a couple of months. She was an already established hairdresser and took me under her wing and allowed me to lash from her suite. Well, the other hairdressers noticed the type of traffic we started to bring in, and let’s say the girls did their research, lol. They told her my certification is not valid and I needed to have a license to do lashes, so I had to go. Fast forward, I initially went to school just to get my license to lash legally but quickly realized that the door of opportunity swung wide open for me. I wanted to do any and everything I could do under my license. I invested thousands into inventory, and after a deep conversation with myself and after experiencing burnout with no real return and the lack of confidence in facials,  I had to decide which services really sparked my passion. I loved the instant gratification lashes, and waxes brought to me and hopped on the trend of providing vajacials and those began to be my focus. 

Christina: Your vision for The Chacolet Bar includes creating a sisterhood community around women dealing with feminine intimate issues. How do you approach conversations on these topics as a part of normal discussions, and what impact do you hope this has on the women you serve? 

Jas’Nee: I allow my clients to lead the conversation and find an opening in that. In our first meeting, I let women know that this is a safe space and encourage my clients to be their authentic selves so I can gauge how to speak on the issues.  I ask strategic questions to find out the root of the deeper issues. For example, what have you tried in the past to get solve xyz. What else have you tried, or what’s causing you to want to solve this issue now? Then we go from there.

Christina: Congratulations on being recognized as an American Express Community Champion. Can you tell us more about the monthly Networking Meetups hosted by The Chacolet Bar and how they contribute to highlighting the accomplishments of small business owners in your community? 

Jas’Nee: So the monthly Networking Meetups involve choosing a small business each month to host a 2-hour event where we go live and invite our audiences to come out and shop, eat, and support the business. These are different businesses across DFW, from restaurants to candle shops and more. Hosting these mixers in their businesses will not only give their brands better visibility because they are now attached to a bigger brand (AMEX), but it gives a different and more personal shopping experience that will allow customers to get to know the owners or staff and choose these small businesses over the big box brands when they go out and shop. It’s something we can’t do with the bigger brands!! 

Christina: As the founder of The Chacolet Bar, what advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs, particularly those looking to create a business centered around empowerment and holistic well-being? 

Jas’Nee: My advice would be to niche down. I know that may sound cliche, but we can not talk to everybody. If we focus on that one avatar/ideal client, that is where we build a strong audience. That’s not to say everyone else won’t come, but your connection to your target client will by default bring the money. If you are going into empowerment/holistic business, it involves being vulnerable and genuine. In that vulnerability people will relate and be inspired to follow you because now they have a sense of somebody that “gets” them. 

Christina: What can we expect from you and your business in 2024? 

Jas’Nee: I’m excited for 2024!! I am working on putting together a lash/wax tour as well as taking the Networking Mixer on the Road, collaborations, and corporate contracts!!  I am also looking into starting a lash and wax line and relaunching my signature bathline “A Box of Chacolet”. 

Connect with Jas’Nee below: 


Instagram: @thechacoletbar

Facebook: The Chaolet Bar

LinkedIn: Jas’Nee Wren


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