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From Lashes to Legacy: The Entrepreneurial Journey of Ebony, Founder of Bella Vida Day Spa & Salon

From the humble beginnings of a lash model in 2015 to the visionary force behind Bella Vida Day Spa & Salon in 2022, Ebony’s entrepreneurial journey is a testament to resilience, determination, and a passion for both beauty and business. The evolution from “Eyelash Ebony” to a spa and salon owner in Atlanta, marked by pivotal moments and rebranding, showcases Ebony’s unwavering commitment to carving her path in the beauty industry. Invested in her community, Ebony’s success story is not just personal; it’s a narrative of reinvestment through mentorship, free services, and charitable events, proving there’s room for everyone to prosper. Her connections with industry leaders like Yandy, The Sixfigure Spa Chic, and Courtney Adeleye have fortified her journey, providing invaluable insights and strategies. Aligned with God, family, self, and business, Ebony’s resilience through trials and the ultimate triumph reflects the profound impact of faith and a strong support system. Now, as a mentor, Ebony is poised to share her knowledge, ensuring others recognize their talents and navigate the intricate world of entrepreneurship successfully. Ebony’s story is a beacon of hope, urging everyone never to give up and trust in the gifts bestowed upon them by a higher purpose.


Christina: What is your SwagHer? What makes Ebony, Ebony?

Ebony:  I embody resilience, loyalty, ambition, and compassion. It’s a crazy blended skillset that God gifted me with. It allows me to carry the world on my shoulders with effortless confidence. You would never know how heavy that load is because I always manage to get the job done or make it to the finish line. It definitely is a gift and a curse, but it makes me who I am.

Christina: Could you share the pivotal moments that led you from being a lash model in 2015 to the establishment of Bella Vida Day Spa & Salon in 2022? 

Ebony: Bella Vida Day Spa & Salon started out as “Eyelash Ebony,” where all I thought I wanted to do was be a lash tech. It wasn’t until I landed a job at Conceited Inc. in Atlanta GA, that I realized that this thing could be so much more. I lashed day and night and met so many new people. In 2017, I officially stepped out on my own and got my first Salon Suite. It was small, but it was mine. I knew then that I had to get better at business and be about my business if I wanted to survive in Atlanta. The urge to be my own boss and show my children there was more to clocking into someone’s 9-5 led me to get my esthetic’s license. After several 9-5’s and being in high positions and still not being paid or treated my worth, I rebranded Eyelash Ebony to Bella Vida Day Spa & Salon in 2022. I had found my space in the beauty industry and wanted to share my gift and my knowledge in a space that was safe, whether you were a  client or a fellow beauty industry professional. 

Christina: You mentioned recognizing a gap at the intersection of beauty and business. What inspired you to invest nearly $10,000 in 2023 for education, equipment, and coaching, and how has this investment contributed to your recognition as an American Express Small Business Champion and Forbes Black membership?

Ebony: After being in the beauty industry for several years, I encountered several of my peers and students that I had trained who had amazing talent but needed to learn how to run their businesses. Coming from management in the corporate world, I often recognized red flags in other people’s classes that I had taken or even services I had received, such as business back-office setup and legalities of the business. I wanted to help them because, by nature, I am a nurturer. So, I knew to be the change that I wanted to see, I had to be the “teacher and the student.” This led me to get trained and coached by some of the best coaches and mentors from the East and West Coast in this industry. I took classes to expand my knowledge in business in the industry as well as services as an Esthetician. Ultimately, there was a lot of networking over the past 12 months, which led to me becoming a Forbes Black member which is a true honor to be in a community of Black and Brown inspiring individuals. I was also able to bring my business to platforms like American Express, where I became a small business champion—supporting our community through various community events. Showing up for others in a way that aided them and their business to be better. 

Christina: In a billion-dollar industry, you believe there’s room for everyone to prosper. Can you elaborate on how your success in the beauty industry has allowed you to reinvest back into your community through free services, mentorship, and community events?

Ebony: It sounds so cliché, but there truly is enough success out here for us all! The talent that we have was assigned to us. With that assignment, God assures us all the desires of our hearts. I have maintained a loyal client base, which has allowed me to sustain my business over the years. I have also been a loyal servant. In all I do, I find ways to give back each month, whether it’s a free day of pampering for my clients, a community event where we often set up and give out free services, or organizing charitable events like our Annual Toy Drive where we collab with other small businesses and collect toys to donate to the children at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

Christina: Having connected with industry gems like Yandy of Yelle Skincare, The Sixfigure Spa Chic, and Courtney Adeleye, how have these connections influenced your journey and contributed to your resilience in the beauty industry?

Ebony: When I started this whole vision, I had no clue where to begin. I began to study Yandy, and what caught my attention was her consistency when it came to her rooting for other women to win. I was able to be a vendor at Yelle for The Culture and it truly changed the directive for me and opened the door for our spa to so many more opportunities. Meeting her and watching her talk about the strength in numbers aligned with my vision to be bigger and bring others with me. It started my journey to becoming a student of many more greats. In September of this year, I partnered with The Sixfigure Spa Chic in an amazing drop shipping company called Olbali. I met the founder of Olbali, Courtney Adeleye, at The Spa Queen Expo on Sept 17th. I will never forget that day because hearing Courtney’s story that night was not only inspiring but also relatable. It gave life to the phrase, “if this little girl from nothing can make it, then so can you.” These women and experiences gave me the drive to keep pushing and push even harder when it feels like it’s not going to happen. I have gained impactful insight and strategies that have taken my business to a greater level. For that, I am forever grateful.

Christina: As someone who aligns their energy with God, self, family, and business, can you share how this alignment has cultivated resilience and sustained you in your entrepreneurial journey?

Ebony: This year has been the ultimate test of my resilience. I had just gotten a brick-and-mortar for my business in 2022, and I lost myself “real bad” at the top of the year of 2023. My life was spiraling, and pain was a constant feeling for so many days. I remember asking God, “Why am I going through these trials”? I know we aren’t supposed to question, but I was broken and confused. Because I know God and was raised in a family with a very strong and grounded foundation, I knew that whatever HE was doing with me, was on purpose. Ultimately, my aunt became sick, and I became her caretaker during my darkest moments. Her resilience and push to prove the doctors wrong was strengthening me. One day, as I was frustrated and wanting to give it all up, she told me, you better not give up! That is your dream, and this is your time! I pushed through the pain, I stayed prayed up, and I became a humble servant to God and to everything and everyone He put in front of me. When I did not know how, He made a way. The lesson was, “Through Christ, I can do anything.” My family, spouse, and children watched me lose to win. I am grateful to them for that, and I love that for me. 

Christina: Is there anything else you would like to share? 

Ebony:  I would like to thank you for this platform and opportunity. So often, those of us who are not always in the spotlight go unnoticed. I thank my family and my clients for getting me to this point in my life. I am honored and excited to now be able to transition into my mentorship program, which launches this month (January 2024), where I have been empowered to help other entrepreneurs learn the foundations and structure of business so that they are recognized across platforms like this one for not only their amazing talents but for also being just as amazing in the act of owning and managing a successful business. I also would leave you and your readers with this: No matter what, never give up! If God gave you the gift, He will surely make way for your talent!


Connect with Ebony below:

Website: bellavidadayspallc.com

Instagram: @bellavidadayspa

Facebook: @bellavidadayspallc

LinkedIn: bella-vida-day-spa-salon-llc


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