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From Provocative to Prophetic

Over the last month or so, a number of well-known women have opened up about giving their lives to Christ. Normally this kind of news would certainly be commended, but it certainly would not have generated this much conversation. Albeit, the women in question have given us plenty of reasons to wonder about their sudden conviction; perhaps, the idea of video vixens and strippers sitting beside good church folk this past Easter just didn’t sit well with the congregation. No matter which way opinions about these women are swayed, one thing for sure, two things for certain, we can watch it all unfold or crumble from the comforts of social media feeds.  

Both Alexis Skyy and Angela Renée White, aka Blac Chyna, are known for their outlandish demeanor, bodacious bodies, and their highly profiled relationships with the industry’s most elite bad boys. After years of reality television drama and public scrutiny, these two women, in particular, have seemingly made it their business to clean up their act and image. While most of us are left questioning the validity of their claims of being on a pathway to righteousness, Ms.White has earned herself a doctorate in theological studies. As bizarre as it may sound, we can’t deny the apparent changes these women are making. Since finding her way back to Christ, Alexis Skyy has launched an initiative called Girls In Healing (@HERINHEALING ), where devotions, affirmations, and scriptures are shared within a community of women who seek to have a relationship with God. 

Now I know exactly what it feels like to transition from homegirl to holy, so in essence, I totally respect their transparency while they pursue spiritual enlightenment. However, it does seem a bit gimmicky… but shooooooot; not my black a$$ calling the kettle black! If you, too, are looking to establish a relationship with God but aren’t sure of the best way to establish a connection, I have a few things I personally used to help jump-start my reconnection with God:


  • Youtube: YouTube has served as a major key in my spiritual reconnection. Not only does the site provide an abundance of spiritual affirmations, it is easy to search through titles to find a message tailored to your needs. While I attend one of the most prestigious churches in Brooklyn, which Pastor AR Bernard leads, my favorite online ministry is undoubtedly The Jake’s family, as in TD Jakes and Sarah Jakes-Roberts.  No matter where you are on this walk, a word of encouragement is never too far. Watch how two sisters break down their newfound relationship with Christ on their channel entitled “Soft Life Through Christ” here. Everyone has a story to tell. What’s your testimony?
  • You Version, Bible app: Since we are all seemingly glued to our phones throughout the day, I highly recommend downloading You Version’s Bible app. What I love most about the app is the easy-to-read version of the Bible. With the ERV, it is simple to interpret the word of God. Nothing is more discouraging than receiving a message we can’t decipher. Other great features on the app include daily devotionals and bible study challenges. You Version’s Bible app also allows you to schedule reminders. These notifications proved viable as I practiced daily conversations with Him. The prompts help you stay consistent, and, believe it or not; it definitely builds confidence in the way you take this walk. 
  • Church: Being in a house of worship encourages fellowship. Allow this process of choosing a place of worship to take its course. Remember, the people and places that take up your time should reflect what you desire to emulate in your “new” life. Everyone’s walk is different; ask yourself this. Can the commitment I am about to make commit to me? The reason I love Christian Culture Center is not only does it cultivate my spiritual appetite, but it fuels my aptitude for overall success. Get you a pastor that feeds the body and the soul. Amen?

The point here is, if it changes you are seeking, then change you shall receive. If the most provocative of women can make big strides toward spiritual healing, then you, too, can make a few changes. Validating someone else’s claim to peace does not add to the source of your own happiness. Going from homegirl to holy is no overnight task, be kind to yourself through the process. You got this, sis! Should you find yourself unsure of where to begin, begin there. Happy healing!


Article Written by: Jaymi Le | Jaymi Le is currently living a Bichie lifestyle in the streets of Brooklyn. She writes, produces, and talks her ish effortlessly. Follow all things me @talktomslee_. Remember to keep it cute, I might be talking about you on


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