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F**kboy Recovery: Healing a Heart Broken By a Bad Boy

More than ever, women are turning to Stella Rosa and the Rose vibrator to keep them company and feeling right. Why? Because f**kboys are running rampant, and unfortunately, most of them have a podcast. What’s a f**kboy, you ask? Well, it’s a guy who plays you for a fool by love bombing you and then abruptly stops everything. He replaces his undivided attention, love, praise, charm, and great sex with disrespect and coldness. F**kboys are narcissists who take advantage of you and treat you like nothing after using you. His goal is simple: create a false reality that he gets to control and manipulate for his selfish reasons. F**kboys hunt, catch their prey, manipulate them into believing they’re the perfect lovers, and then destroy their target inside out. I wish I couldn’t relate, but unfortunately, I can. In the fall of 2020, I caught feelings for a f**kboy. The result: angry and heartbroken. I know these gorgeous devils make you weak in the knees with their sexiness and charisma, but the upgraded version of a bad boy is bad news, and it’s about time to let these infuriating creatures go. It’s time to stop being a victim and become an upgraded version of yourself.


Here are five tips to help you heal and move on. 

Grieve and reset: There are five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance, and you haven’t made any effort to make it to the finish line. You love him, yes, we understand. You need to understand that you can love someone and let them go. Your mental and emotional health shouldn’t be placed on the back burner because you’re too stubborn or too afraid to accept that it’s over. Sis, you have to will your soul to the end of the line. Once you do, you can reset and do things differently the next time. 

Be accountable: A man can only do what he’s allowed to do. As I said, fuckboys are hunters; if you look like a sucker, you’re going to get licked; and he’s not stopping until the best of you is gone. He did all of that and got that far because you let him. On the flip side, some of these dudes love a challenge. They will pursue women with high self-esteem, status, etc., to knock them off their square, or pedestal as he’d call it, for fun. You ignored the red flags, which entered you into a round of ‘He loves me, he loves me not,’ causing you to lose yourself in this hot and cold game. 

Cut all ties:

  • Stop calling him and block him.
  • Block him everywhere. There should be no trace of him on your phone, social media pages, or email.
  • Block his family and friends, too, because nobody has time for them running back and telling him anything that’s going on in your world.
  • Stand ten toes down on that decision and do not create fake social media pages to stalk his social media; leave him alone. 

Therapy: You shouldn’t do this alone. Breakups are hard. Exiting a relationship where you were emotionally stressed out for fun, gaslit for sport, and love bombed for kicks will cause anyone to sink into a dark place. Eating, sleeping, crying, and turning off your feelings will not help you reach a happier version of yourself. A mental health professional could give you the tools to help you move on while providing you with a safe space to grow. 

Share your testimony: Blog about it. Vlog about it. Tweet about it. Tell your story. Someone may need to hear how you were down bad, but now you’ve leveled up and restocked yourself with self-esteem and higher standards. Yes, we know that hurt people hurt people, but it’s true that healed people help people. Talking about your recovery could inspire another woman to leave sooner than you did. 


Article Written by: Obsession | is a romance and erotica author, blogger, photographer, and artist from Chicago, IL.

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