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Get to Know Reclaiming My Mind Speaker Laurinda Andujar

Laurinda Andujar is a certified grief specialist slash life coach, and has personally overcome the struggle of depression, anxiety and suicide, and will be a speaker at our upcoming Reclaiming My Mind event. This mental health warrior assists people with walking through grief and understanding the root of their issue. Read on to learn more about Laurinda in her exclusive interview with SwagHer.

Angelica: What are some of the tips women can use when trying to declutter their mind?

Laurinda: Start by decluttering your physical space. I firmly believe that rearranging things in your personal space helps you align things mentally. When you can visualize things in their correct space, it can bring rhyme and reason to your mental space while simultaneously adding clarity to navigate through problematic situations. For example, a messy workspace or room can have you all over the place.

When you don’t know where to begin, this can cause frustration. Simply placing things in their proper place and getting rid of the things that do not serve a purpose, can be the spark that launches your go button. Find a quiet place and just be! Be in the moment. Allow yourself to melt into the quiet. Many of us are hesitant to spend time in a quiet space because we are fearful of what may resurface. Embrace whatever surfaces and deal with it bit by bit.

Angelica: How can overthinking affect your mental health?

Laurinda: Overthinking can create situations that never existed. When you find yourself overthinking or making assumptions stop and ask questions. This will clear up the fear of the unknown. Many times, overthinking in situations is usually because of some form of unresolved grief. Something or someone has triggered us based on a similar occurrence and then the what-ifs kick in. It rarely ends well. It is important to understand your triggers and then deal with them immediately. Journal what you are feeling in the moment and when things happen revisit your notes, it may help calm your anxiety and see the situation for what it truly is.

Angelica: Why is important for women to have healthy friend relationships and how does that benefit mental health?

Laurinda: Healthy friendships are super important. We need people who are going to hold us accountable in both good and bad situations. We need people who will tell us the truth in love and not cater to our victim mentality. We all need sounding boards, but most people have trust issues because they either have felt judged or betrayed when sharing sensitive information with others. Holding things in will only compound grief and build anxiety and at some point, and an explosion is bound to happen. Healthy relationships allow people to release the pressure in a safe collaborative environment.

Angelica: What does mental clarity mean to you?

Laurinda: Mental clarity is the ability to make sound decisions in a challenging environment. When one has mental clarity, they make sound decisions and consider how those decisions may impact their current and future state. When one has a clear mind, one can take calculated risks and weigh all sides of the coin.

Angelica: Why is it hard for people to admit they are struggling mentally and to seek help?

Laurinda: The fear of judgment and the stigmas that are associated with being labeled as someone who struggles with mental health issues. Many times, people associate mental health challenges with a deficiency. It is not.

Angelica: How can social media affect women’s mental health?

Laurinda: Whew, that is a loaded question! Social media will have you questioning who you are if you aren’t careful. You may find yourself comparing your journey to that of another, which is very dangerous. They have not experienced your challenges or walked through your life experiences. Social media sometimes sells pipe dreams too. Everyone is a coach of some sort, selling prosperity which is all fun and well. However, real growth comes when you tackle the tough stuff. Stop thinking you must achieve a certain goal by a certain time. There is also a ton of bullying, body shaming and unnecessary foolishness that if entertained, can leave one broken, busted and disgusted.

Angelica: What advice can you give a woman looking to find inner peace?

Laurinda: Give yourself grace. You deserve it! Also, celebrate your small wins and please know that you deserve healing.


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