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Harmonies of Authenticity: Gail Renee’s Journey from “Bloody Waters” to Rockboy Records

Step into the vibrant world of Gail, a musical maverick whose artistry defies conventions, seamlessly blending soul, jazz, gospel, rock-n-roll, blues, hip-hop, and dance. In this exclusive interview, Gail shares the roots of her diverse musical style, attributing it to a childhood that transcended musical boundaries. Gail reflects on pivotal moments in her career from winning the 2020 Heritage HipHop Album of the Year Award for “Bloody Waters” to signing with Rockboy/Sony Records. She discusses her unique voice, drawing comparisons to legends, and the spiritual essence that sets her apart. Dive into the creative process behind groundbreaking albums and anticipate the Holy Ghost-infused magic in her upcoming work. Gail’s journey unfolds, a testament to authenticity, resilience, and the joy of pursuing what she loves.


Christina: What is your SwagHer? What makes Gail Renee, Gail Renee?

Gail Renee: I think my SwagHer is that I own my power while knowing that it is a gift from God. This keeps me humble and appreciative of the power and gifts of others.

Christina: Your music is often described as a unique blend of various genres, including soul, jazz, gospel, rock-n-roll, blues, hip-hop, and dance. How did you develop this diverse musical style, and what inspires you to explore such a wide range of genres in your work?

Gail Renee: I grew up in a family that didn’t see color or boxes when it came to music. We literally listened to everything in my house. Music is Music. So, it never occurred to me that I had to be one thing. When I decided to make my music, it came out multi genre because that’s just who I am. 

Christina: How did winning the 2020 Heritage HipHop Album of the Year Award for “Bloody Waters”  impact your career? 

Gail Renee: It allowed me to see that I can be who I authentically am without any gimmick or alter ego, and people will still connect to me. Because Bloody Waters was such a deeply personal album and I was so vulnerable on it, it also made me see that people from all walks of life can relate to heartbreak and pain, and we all want to be validated, and most of us want to heal. I am no longer ashamed of being human. 

Christina: Recently signing with Rockboy/Sony Records is a major milestone. How do you see this new chapter in your career shaping your trajectory as an artist, and what do you hope to achieve with the support of this label?

Gail Renee: Signing with Rockboy is a great chapter in my career. It feels wonderful to have a team behind me that really believes in me and my ability. I am so grateful for what I have been able to do with just myself, producer Stanley Ipkiss (who produced my last two albums), and other wonderful artists that I love working with, like Armando Outthere Diaz, Blackworld Films, my husband– Chops Tha Savior, Sierra Renee, Get Rite, etc.  Newark, NJ, is literally a treasure trove of amazing artists. But Rockboy Records will give me a chance to come out of my comfort zone and explore other sides of myself as an artist. I’m super excited about what acclaimed producer D/R Period and I will do together in the studio this year. He and Fly Ty created Rockboy. 

Christina: Critics and fans have likened your voice to iconic figures such as Tina Turner, Janis Joplin, Aretha Franklin, and Ella Fitzgerald. How do you feel that you are being compared to these greats? Though you are compared to them, you are your own unique artist. What do you think sets your voice apart from others in the industry? 

Gail Renee: Thank you. It’s a great honor to be compared to those phenomenal singers who have made such an indelible mark on music. Interestingly enough, I spent many years doubting myself as a singer because my voice didn’t sound like the new trendy voices (no shade). When I started making my first album, “Bloody Waters,” I realized that my voice sounded different, but God placed His anointing on it, and it touches people’s souls in a deep way. I’m so grateful for that, and never again doubted who I am as a singer/songwriter. 

Christina: Both your debut album, “Bloody Waters,” and your sophomore album, “Let My People Go,” have been celebrated as groundbreaking and innovative. Can you share the creative process behind these albums, and how do you feel they contribute to your identity as an artist?

Gail Renee:  They are groundbreaking. I put my heart and soul into both. Every time I enter the booth to lay a song down, I kneel down on the floor and surrender everything to God, and thank Him for the outcome. I will continue to do that with my new music, and I know God will do His thing. You know what is the dopest thing about my Rockboy relationship?…. D/R Period is a serious Man of God. Mannnn that studio is going to be filled with THE HOLY GHOST!…. LOL. This new music is going to be FIRE. GET READY! 

Christina: Is there anything else you would like to share?

Gail Renee:  I would like to share that I am so excited to be doing what I love with people who love and respect me. I am also very thankful to be sitting here with you, SwagHer. Thank you for watering my Swag. Blessings. 


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Instagram: @ReneeCampbellMusic 

Facebook: Renee Campbell 


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