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Healing Through Baking: Latrice Pace’s Journey

Gospel Royalty Latrice Pace has found peace and healing in an unexpected place: Baking.

Gospel Royalty Latrice Pace has found peace and healing in an unexpected place: Baking. During my recent interview with her we spoke about how baking has become a form of therapy for her as well as others.

Latrice Pace holding strawberry.

Grieving the loss of her mother and sisters she has found a way to honor them and to also alleviate the pain of loss through the creative process of baking. Believing that the creativity that comes with baking helps to release endorphins that bring a sense of accomplishment and peace. When we last spoke to Latrice she had just released her album, Exodus: Journey of Obedience Volume 2.

It was a conversation with her best friend regarding her love and passion for baking that she was able to find the perfect conduit for her healing journey. Opening in late 2022, Treecie Treats Cupcakery has continued to thrive. Honoring her late sister, Duranice with her red velvet recipe as one of the foundational flavors as well as a Peach Cobbler Cake in honor of her mother and for her sister LaShun she incorporated her favorite color and with a suggestion from her nephew Blake she introduced a seasonal flavor of Pink Lemonade.

Pace shares that, “Baking has been so instrumental and therapeutic in my healing process, especially in dealing with grief and allowing myself to sit with it. Creating anything with my hands stimulates my brain, gets those endorphins flowing, and makes me genuinely happy. Whether it’s baking, gardening, or writing, using your hands to create something has a profound effect. It lifts your mood, helps you think more clearly, and provides a sense of accomplishment. This creative process has been therapeutic for me, particularly in commemorating my mother’s memory.

Establishing the Mother Pace and Me Foundation, where they offer baking therapy sessions for seniors. They held their very first event took place in Kentucky, at  Signature Healthcare Nursing Home a senior citizens’ rehab facility.  She shared that the experience was incredibly healing for both the participants and herself. Many seniors signed up for the activity without fully understanding what it entailed, but they were all pleasantly surprised and grateful.

Latrice shares one memorable moment with a lady who used to bake before her stroke. As she watched her decorate a cupcake, it was clear she had done it before. She confirmed she used to bake, and for Latrice it was heartwarming to see how therapeutic and healing it was for her to engage in an activity she once loved.

Looking towards the future she would like to organize and host more events like this in the future. She shares that, “These moments of connection and healing through baking therapy not only honor my mother’s memory but also bring joy and solace to many others.”

In all baking therapy, as Latrice describes, “is more than just a hobby; it’s a way to channel grief into something positive and creative.

Studies have shown that therapeutic approach has been especially beneficial for those who find it challenging to express their emotions through words alone. By engaging in baking, individuals can find a productive outlet for their grief, turning their pain into something beautiful and delicious.

Latrice Pace is using her gift of song and baking to ensure that others can benefit from healing through baking.

Learn more about Latrice and Treecie Treats Cupcakery by visiting her website or follow on social media Instagram | Facebook | Tiktok


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