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Hold Up! Wait a Minute!- Avoid This Before Sex

Hold up! Wait a Minute! There are things we should avoid engaging in before being intimate with someone. Sex—some of us like it to be spontaneous, and some like to prepare for it. Whatever your preference, we’ve all done some things before partaking in it that we consider innocent when they adversely affect our sexual experience. Here are five things you should never do before having sex. 

  • Eat spicy or super fatty meals– We all want our partner to burn for us, but this is not the way to accomplish that. You definitely will ruin the mood if you go down on your partner after eating jalapenos. The residue of spicy foods in your mouth and on your hands is a sure way to set your lover’s genitals ablaze. Not only that, spicy foods can cause acid reflux. Who wants their chest and throat sizzling while trying to get some nookie? No one! Secondly, eating heavy dishes will make you lazy. How can you enjoy what’s going on if you’re sleepy? 
  • Wait to shave– Shave the day before or sooner. Our genitals are sensitive; therefore, any irritation caused by shaving will put a damper on things. You can’t enjoy intimacy if you’re cut up, burning, or tender.
  • Take an antihistamine– Ladies, taking this will dry your vagina right on up. If your nose is stuffy, you have a player decision to make; get down with the get down while only being able to breathe out of one nostril, or take an Antihistamine and risk your lady part turning into a desert. 
  • Get drunk– I know music makes drunk sex seem like some of the best intercourse you’ll have, but being intimate while drunk can make it difficult for a man to get it up and hard for both men and women to orgasm. There’s tons of research on this. There is nothing worse than being humped on for an extended period with no end in sight. 
  • Use an electric toothbrush– When we brush our teeth, we create tiny tears in our mouths. Before or after oral sex, flossing or brushing can cause gum tissue to rip, increasing your risk of contracting any viruses your partner may have. Yikes!


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