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Influencer Tries to Fat Shame Woman Due to Husband’s Infidelity

Infidelity is never an easy situation to deal with, but adding fat-shaming a person due to the actions of a cheating husband takes the cake. Case in point, Influencer Fernanda Jones posted a video about her husband’s cheating and targeted only one of the 20 women that her husband cheated with – a plus-sized brown skin woman who goes by Faat.soo on Instagram and Tiktok.

Jones has since removed her post but Faat.soo has shared her response to Jones’s direct attack of her instead of her husband.


@burberryeri @khadijahamour #nandajoness

♬ original sound – Faat.Soo

The backlash came swiftly from other influencers such as liloworldwide and adelelaresee who point out the misogynoir and fat-shaming. Instead of targeting the husband’s actions that inflicted harm on her, Jones made a choice to specifically target Faat.soo. Her videos are laden with showcasing the fact that her Black husband married his first Latina etc. This can be deemed racially driven, which plays into the stereotypes that Black men prefer certain types of women.


@nandajoness here’s some advice ♥️ @faatsoo, we got your back over here. #blacktiktok #blackwomen #nandajones #nandajoness

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Replying to @user1438148838995 #greenscreenvideo #nandajoness #marriedlife #marriage #crystalcrave #interracialcouple #fyp #fatshamingawareness #fypシ #fypage #foryou #mustwatch #stopthehate #colorism #nandajonessdrama

♬ original sound – Adelelaresee


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