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Inking Success: A Notary’s Journey from Mobile Services to Business Education

Embarking on a journey that seamlessly blends entrepreneurship, education, and community engagement, Shayna, the visionary founder of SA Bell Mobile Signing Services, shares her inspiring story with Fancy. In the midst of the pandemic, Shayna recognized an opportunity to address a critical need—providing mobile notary services when leaving home seemed daunting for many. Juggling the demands of returning to school for her master’s degree, Shayna strategically began notarizing home closings to supplement her income. SA Bell Mobile quickly evolved into a dynamic force, offering fast and efficient notary services in the Galveston County and Greater Houston area. Not stopping there, Shayna expanded her business to launch “Mobile Notary Dispatch Services,” a global signing company facilitating real estate transactions with an impressive network of over 90,000 notaries. Join Fancy as she delves into Shayna’s entrepreneurial challenges, triumphs, and the fulfillment found in bringing smiles to her clients’ faces. Discover Shayna’s commitment to education, manifested through her book, “There’s Power in Your Stamp,” and a national notary journal, empowering others to navigate the complexities of starting and growing a successful notary business. As Shayna unveils her plans for 2024, including a Notary and Real Estate Workshop, Fancy uncovers the expertise of an expert panel and the valuable insights attendees can expect. From the buzz of local realtors to the aroma of Carla Konfections’ delicious baked goods, this interview is a captivating exploration of Shayna’s remarkable journey and her dedication to uplifting and educating fellow notaries in the vibrant realms of real estate and entrepreneurship.


Fancy: What inspired you to start your mobile notary business? 

Shayna: I started my mobile notary business during the pandemic when people were afraid to leave their homes and documents needed identity verification. In addition, I was returning to school to obtain my master’s degree and started notarizing home closings to supplement my income. 

Fancy: What type of services do you offer with SA Bell Mobile Signing Services? 

Shayna: SA Bell Mobile offers fast and efficient mobile notary services in the Galveston  County and Greater Houston area. Whether in a home, hospital, or nursing home, I will meet a client at their desired location to assist with their documents. I also offer mobile print and scan services. I recently expanded my notary business into a signing company called “Mobile Notary Dispatch Services,” which is a business that dispatches notaries for real estate transactions across the world. Using a platform, I have access to over 90,000  notaries and can integrate the platform with most real estate software.  

Fancy: Were there any challenges you faced while building your business, and if so, how did you overcome them? 

Shayna: Building a relationship in the real estate community was not easy in the beginning. I  tried door-to-door marketing, cold calling, and postcards, but things were moving slowly. Soon after, with great customer service and organizational skills, I quickly became a  preferred notary with several signing and title companies. I also faced difficulty with notarizing general documents in the community. Some clients asked me to notarize documents that all required signers were not present for, or the client had expired licenses. I’ve shown up for appointments, and the client failed to mention they had no ID at all. But the worst is meeting a client for an appointment, and they are a no show, wasting gas and time. To combat these issues, I learned to start asking the right questions, explaining to the client my role and purpose as a notary, and started going over what they should expect. 

Fancy: What do you enjoy most about your work? 

Shayna: I have met some wonderful people who have prayed with me, laughed with me, and even cried with me. I have eased a lot of clients’ worries with great customer service and integrity. I have been able to travel to places I have never been to, enter beautiful homes,  and witness great property. I have truly enjoyed making a grumpy client smile and turning an uncomfortable situation into a trusting business transaction.  

Fancy: At what point did you know you were ready to educate others?  

Shayna: I knew I was ready to educate others when I joined a few notary groups and witnessed how many notaries needed help in starting and growing a notary business. I  began researching the real estate and notary market and studying the ends and outs of the role of a notary in other states. Soon after, I expanded my notary business into a  signing company and began to recruit and educate other notaries on their role and potential in real estate. With the research and information compiled, I decided to write a  book called “There’s Power in Your Stamp”, which is a comprehensive guide to start and grow and successful six-figure notary business. In addition, my publisher and I decided to develop a national notary journal to record all notarial acts called There’s Power in Your  Act! Both are essential to starting and growing a notary business.  

Fancy: What do you have planned for 2024? 

Shayna: I am kicking 2024 off with a Notary and Real Estate Workshop. I have partnered with local realtors and notaries to help entrepreneurs start and grow a business as a notary and in  Real Estate. We have an expert panel from Ford Realty Group, Glass House Realty, Gary Greene and Better Homes and Garden, and Carla Smith Realty. All attendees will receive a buffet-style meal, drink, business start-up checklist, and a business plan template. Virtual options are available.  There’s Power in Your Stamp book bundle options also available.  

Check out “Notary and Real Estate Business Workshop” on Eventbrite! 

Date: Sat, Jan 27, 2024, 6:00 PM 

Location: La Brisa Mexican Grill…/notary-and-real-estate… 

The following vendors will be present:  

  • We have the The Author’s Pen for Book publishing! 
  • Tax office Partner’s for tax assistance 
  • Carla Whitfield Bell With Carla Konfections delicious baked goods 
  • Mobile Notary Dispatch Services notary business assistance.  
  • Trezlyn Dubar with Taztee Treats, for treats and snacks.  

Fancy: Without giving away too much, what is one-way notaries can build another income stream?  

Shayna: Becoming a wedding officiant!

Fancy: How would you describe your swagher? What makes Shayna, Shayna? 

Shayna: My ability to light up a room with confidence makes me Shayna. I am a bit of a comedian and love to make people laugh. I am a truly humble person and genuinely care about people. My husband and three children are the light of my world, and I truly do it all for them. I try to lead by example for my family and legacy.


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