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Instead of Being Compensated For Her Work, This Influencer Was Blocked & Ignored

Many of us would be excited to receive contact from a major brand to shoot content for their brand by showcasing our “Day-in-the-Life” or other social content using their brands. But for Black Creators this often turns from a moment of excitement to sadness. Instead of compensation she was blocked and ignored.

Caitlin Gooch also known as The Black Cowgirl and Founder of Saddle Up and Read was approached by major brands PBR and Kubota Tractor company to shoot content for their companies for “exposure” instead of compensating her for her content as they expressed “They love the work that she is doing”. The kicker is that she is creating content with the life she lives 24/7. These companies per her video post did not even offer to donate to her literary advocacy nonprofit – Saddle Up and Read based in Wendell, NC.

After expressing her concerns regarding compensation and other key points her subsequent meetings with the brands were canceled without notification and all communication ceased.

She has launched a GoFundMe to support her How We Talk – A Creative Camp on the Farm. In the midst of this she is still standing firm as an advocate for literacy. She is also the author of a Black equestrian coloring book that will be included in the camp care package along with a yet to be published journal and t-shirt. Creating a safe space that will be filled with opportunity, resources and most of all allow children to create and free to imagine.


Black Content creators are already facing unfairly skewed payment structures as well as limited opportunities from brands. This trend of having diverse content without compensating the individuals that are sought out to create and used by these brands is more than disrespectful.

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