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Introducing Excessive Wine, A New Brand That Brings Flavor to the World of Wine

I can’t help but say over and over again that the pandemic truly brought out the “entrepreneur” in so many people. The absence of our most loved and coveted “creature comforts” really encouraged people to get up and respond. From food delivery services to wrapped birthday gifts sent on our behalf, we can now say that the pandemic brought on a lot of conveniences in the midst of being “inconvenienced.”

As businesses were closing their doors, one gentleman, motivated by his supportive partner, an encouraging best friend, and a motivating mutual friend, decided to continue his family legacy and meet the demands of wine lovers during a life-changing pandemic. Marlon Jarvis of Trinidad & Tobago is the proud founder and owner of Excessive Wine, LLC., located in his new hometown of Philadelphia. Inspired by childhood memories of watching his grandmother make homemade wine, Jarvis decided to rise to the challenge. 

“The liquor stores completely closed down during the pandemic, and I received a push from my significant other, Celina Bowen (co-owner), best friend Ranada Edwards-Grant, and her husband, Andre. I created my first sample and posted it all over social media.”

 – Marlon Jarvis

According to Mordor Intelligence, a fully-funded organization that provides syndicated reports of detailed market analysis and insight into various markets and revenue streams, the wine industry is one that is growing and doing well. 

“COVID-19 made a major impact on the wine industry due to the forced closure of on-trade wineries in various countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, India, and others to control the impact of the pandemic. However, the current environment may provide an opportunity for the wine industry to recapture lost consumer attention. 

Moving forward, the wine market is likely to be driven by the increasing demand for wine due to its health benefits and premiumization of wine products, coupled with innovation in flavor and more advanced distribution networks, globally.”

After creating a buzz on social media about his new wine venture, Jarvis received “…an abundance of requests from friends”. The positive feedback motivated him to take the wine to many more levels by adding different exotic fruit flavors. Soon after the fourth of July (2020), Jarvis celebrated with the brand’s official launch and named it “Excessive Wine”. 

“With excitement, I launched ten flavors of wine. The response inspired me to keep going by adding even more flavors.” – Marlon Jarvis

Flavors such as Pumpkin Spice, Tamarind, and Pomegranate are in sync with the Fall season. The flavors of this brand really speak to the health needs of people. The health benefits of the fruits used in Excessive Wine aid in healing ailments such as high blood pressure and even insomnia. 

Wine lovers can visit the Excessive Wine website and find an array of unique flavors such as Soursop, Sugarcane, Sorrel, and even the beloved Mango. In addition to exotic wine options, customers will soon find stemless wine glasses and convenient travel tumblers for wine festival lovers in the near future. 

“My plans for the brand are to continue to grow and eventually collaborate with other brands to do major events.” – Marlon Jarvis.

Want to learn more about Excessive Wine? Visit www.excessivewine.com


Article Written by: Sabrina Espere Carrington | @sabrinaespere


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