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Keep It Sweet: Celebrating Sweetest Day

Happy National Sweetest Day! This day is a runner-up to Valentine’s Day and is celebrated every third Saturday of October. Never heard of this holiday? According to National Today’s website, a dozen Cleveland candy manufacturers came together in 1922 to create Sweetest Day to brighten the day for some of the city’s most destitute residents. From newsboys, orphans, elderly people, and the underprivileged, they gave away more than 20,000 candy boxes. The midwest embraced this holiday before anyone else. Since Valentine’s Day is geared more toward women, many women return the favor and show love to the special males in their lives on Sweetest Day. 

Want to celebrate Sweetest Day with your sweetie? Check out these sweet ideas!

  • Love notes

Melting your partner’s heart can be achieved by leaving love notes around the house. Messages such as, “I cannot imagine my life without you,” “I feel so safe and loved when I am with you,” and “I love my name just because you say it” will have your sweetie floating on cloud nine.

  • Prioritize their comfort

Peace is a necessity. Providing your significant other with a comfortable environment is a fantastic way to show your love and appreciation for them. Comfy slippers, robes, comfort food, their favorite music, scents, movies, or television programs can be readily available for them for that day. Whatever it is that makes them feel good should be at their disposal. 

  • Sweets with meaning

Present your sweetie pie with a basket of sweets that have meaning to both of you. What did he order from the concession stand on your first movie date? What treat did you two share at a carnival or festival? This could spark up fond memories and bring you closer together.

  • Videos of love

Take a compilation of videos of your partner doing things that make you fall in love with them repeatedly. Whether it’s cooking, working on a project, or sleeping, showing your lover that you see them will mean more than you could ever imagine. 

Who do you plan to spend Sweetest Day with this year? Let us know in the comments! 


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