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La-Tasha Walker: From Cosmetology to Nursing and Beyond

La-Tasha Walker is the founder of La-Mon’e Aesthetics, in this interview she dives in on her professional journey, beauty and more. La-Tasha shares how her perseverance, work ethic, and passion for continuous growth define her personal and professional identity. She recounts her transition from cosmetology to nursing, driven by a lifelong ambition to be in the medical field. La-Tasha defines beauty as individual expression and self-acceptance and explains how her nursing background influences her approach to patient care in aesthetics. She emphasizes the importance of inclusivity in her practice, ensuring services are safe for all skin tones. Looking ahead, La-Tasha envisions expanding La-Mon’e Aesthetics to serve more clients and educate communities about skincare. She also highlights her recognition in the industry and her role in co-founding Opulent MedCosmetics Academy, which aims to empower beauty professionals with advanced clinical and business training.


Christina: What is your SwagHer? What makes La-Tasha, La-Tasha? 

La-Tasha: My perseverance, work ethic, and passion for continuous personal and professional growth. I get a rush out of putting myself in situations that are challenging and push me to excellence.

Christina: Why did you choose to pursue nursing as a career after leaving cosmetology? 

La-Tasha: I always wanted to be in the medical field, as a young girl I wanted to be an OB/GYN. When I was working for Elizabeth Arden Salon and Spa in Bloomingdales, they were closing that location and we had to go to one of the other locations. I was not thrilled about having to rebuild my clientele. I saw that as an opportunity to break away from behind the chair and go back to school to pursue my nursing degree.

Christina: Define beauty in your own words.

La-Tasha: Beauty to me is individual expression, self-love, and self-acceptance. Whether people choose to be natural or enhanced with makeup or aesthetic treatments, I appreciate the uniqueness.

Christina: Given your experience in both nursing and aesthetics, how do you approach patient care differently compared to traditional aesthetic practices?

La-Tasha: Having a nursing background I definitely take more of a medical approach when treating clients. I love the education aspect and teaching my clients about services and products. I treat every client as a patient I am discharging from the hospital to make sure that they are well-informed of aftercare instructions and managing expectations.

Christina: You pride your business on creating a safe and inclusive space for individuals with all skin tones. What are some things that La-Mon’e Aesthetics does to ensure this inclusivity?

La-Tasha: It is important to me that all of our services can be safely performed on people of all skin tones and ages. Diversity in aesthetics is the cornerstone of the practice, addressing the needs, cultural differences, and lack of knowledge to specifically the skin of-color community. 

Christina: What are your future goals for La-Mon’e Aesthetics? How do you envision expanding your mission to reach more individuals and communities?

La-Tasha: La-Mon’e Aesthetics is currently going through an expansion by going from a solo practice to adding other beauty professionals to enable us to service more clients wanting additional services. I am currently looking to work with teens and young adults about skincare and wellness and doing more community-based workshops about skincare education. I believe that everyone deserves access to high-quality skincare treatments and the confidence that comes with it.

Christina: Is there anything else you would like to share?

La-Tasha: I have been featured in Philly Style Magazine as an Innovator in Aesthetics and awarded Top Injector 2023. I am also one of the co-founders of Opulent MedCosmetics Academy, Which aims to educate and empower beauty, spa, and medical professionals. Our academy not only offers comprehensive clinical training in advanced procedures like Botox and Fillers but also equips our graduates with the necessary marketing strategies, business, and legal education to thrive in the medspa industry.


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Facebook: La-Mon’e Aesthetics 



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