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Latonia Daniel is Improving Women’s Beauty With R2bnaturally

Latonia Daniel is the owner and creator of R2bnaturally. This innovative skincare company makes handcrafted bath and body products using natural and organic ingredients for people who want a natural approach to their skincare needs without the additives. The use of harsh creams and ointments to combat dry itchy skin took her out of the drugstores and into her kitchen, and after 8 years, I have not looked back.  Latonia Daniel has developed a healthy respect for natural plant-based ingredients and rediscovered some of the oils her mom used on her skin when she was growing up. Vitamin E and cocoa butter were two of her favorites.

Latonia Daniels is beautifying women with one skincare product at a time. Read onto learn more about the entrepreneur in our exclusive interview below.

Who is Latonia Daniel?


Latonia: I am a nurturer. I have worked in Social Services for more than 25 years. Naturally caring about the well-being of others is something I am passionate about and R2bnaturally is an extension of that passion. When I develop a product, I am mindful of the use, ingredients, and how I’d like it to make someone feel. In the past 8 years, my DIY’s have evolved into simple, beautiful, formulations designed to love and nourish your skin.

What drove you into the beauty/skincare industry? 

Latonia: I landed in this space by addressing a need for my own skin and believing there is room for my voice. When it comes to basic skincare we need to start from a place of simplicity, developing healthy skin habits, getting to know what our skin likes before giving it more and building from there. 

Why did you choose to start your own skincare company, specifically one tailored to Black women’s skin? 

Latonia: As a Black woman, there is a sense of comfort and familiarity knowing that the creator of a particular brand or product is someone that I can relate to, and perhaps may have experienced similar skin challenges.

What are the main goals of your skincare business R2bnaturally? 

Latonia: We want people to fall in love with a natural approach when caring for their skin. We encourage others to become intimate with their skin, get to know what their skin likes, how it responds to a particular ingredient, and take time to nourish their skin. Our basic motto is: start simple and build from there.

How does your brand contribute to helping women, particularly Black women, improve their skin health?


Latonia: We offer simple, effective formulations that clean, hydrate, and moisturize the skin.


Why is skin health so important?

Latonia: Our skin is our canvas and when it looks and feels its best so do we.

What skincare products does your company R2bnaturally contain, and how does your products help heal skin ailments? 

Latonia: We offer an array of products that will cleanse your skin, aid in hydration, lock in moisture, and create barriers that protect your skin from the elements. Our soaps have amazing cleansing properties that won’t strip your skin of its natural oils. Our body scrubs rid the pores of the “gunk” that can lead to problem skin. Lastly, our body butters and oils nourish your skin.

What are the main ingredients that you like to incorporate into the majority of your skincare recipes, and why do you like consistently using those ingredients? How are those ingredients beneficial to Black skin?

Latonia: A few of our staple raw ingredients are oatmeal, himalayan salt, apricot kernel oil, grapeseed oil, shea butter, avocado oil and coconut oil.  The conditioning and nourishing properties of these ingredients soothe and soften your skin, and helps to combat fine lines and dryness. 

How has using your products benefitted you and your current consumer base?


Latonia: Using these products my skin feels moisturized throughout the day, it is soft and has a glow about it.  Hearing from customers I am told that when using our soaps their skin does not have that dry tight feeling that they experienced with other soaps. They have also shared that their skin looks and feels better after using our body butter and oils.

Why is it important to use skincare products that are all natural?

Latonia: Using natural skincare products is one of the best things we can do for ourselves.  I love the idea of using less on my skin while being more intentional about what my skin needs.

Why is it important that there are Black owned skincare brands available to Black women?

Latonia: Having Black owned skincare brands lets Black women know that what our skin needs matter and that there are brands/creators out there who are thinking about us. This is reassuring 


At what age should Black women and girls be establishing a skincare regimen? Why is women establishing a skincare regimen crucial?

Latonia: The earlier we start a skincare regimen, the better.  R2bnaturally is a great place to start! The ingredients are straightforward and the products are uncomplicated. Establishing a routine early could prevent skin problems later in life, especially as our girls enter adolescence and possibly begin applying makeup. 

Where do you see R2bnaturally growing into in the future?


Latonia: We want to continue to be a part of this natural movement in skincare expanding our product line and customer base.  We want to be the catalyst for anyone who may be on the fence about trying natural products.  I have developed  “The R2B Self-care Experience” and my goal is to encourage you to be intentional about caring not only for your physical needs, but also for your mind and spiritual needs as well. Please listen/subscribe to our Being Intentional podcasts by R2bnaturally to help recharge and create intentional moments in your day:


How can someone purchase your skincare products?


Latonia: You can find our products on our newly updated website at


What is your social media?

Latonia: IG:




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