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Let’s Make It Spicy

It doesn’t hurt for you and your special someone to spice things up every now and again. With Valentine’s day approaching, a raunchy spin on an ordinary date night can help a timid partner release their inhibitions or push a partner with dirty bedroom behavior to their limit. No matter your love language, doing these eight naughty home date night ideas with your partner will surely turn the intimacy level up a few notches in your relationship. 


  1. Body painting– With a large canvas, paints, and naked bodies, you and your partner can create one-of-a-kind abstract paintings while being intimate. This is a unique bonding experience that will be a visual of your love, passion, and desires. Once dry, you could hang it up in your bedroom as a reminder of this sexy messy night.


  1. Make out in the shower– Chest to chest, steam, lip biting, hot water, slow jams playing in the background, hands roaming, and aromatherapy body wash can make getting clean one of the sexiest and dirtiest activities for the night. 


  1. Make a dirty movie– Who said sex tapes were only for celebrities? You and your honey have everything you need at home to set the scene for a little light, camera, action! Put your phones on, do not disturb, and turn on the camera and record an experience that you can cozy up in bed and watch together afterward. 


  1. Have an erotic movie marathon– In addition to watching your homemade movie, turn on some x-rated movies of different categories just to keep it interesting. Take notes and try some of the moves later!


  1. Play naughty games– Naughty or nice dice, strip poker, sexy scratch-off tickets are all games that will spark laughter, rule-breaking, and memories that will last well beyond that night. 


  1. Listen to an erotic audiobook– Listening or reading erotic poetry and short stories can awaken your partner in ways beyond your imagination. This is an excellent form of foreplay as well as a marvelous opportunity to learn a thing or two about your partner.


  1. Striptease & lap dances– Create a playlist just for this. Let it play in the background as you put on a show for your partner. Using props such as feathers and whips wouldn’t hurt either. By the end of the dance, you and your honey may be making your own music. 


  1. Cook and eat naked– Strip down to your birthday suits and whip up a dish or dessert you both enjoy. Use ingredients like creams or chocolate so that you can play with the leftovers if you choose.


Give these eight things a try to keep your relationship exciting, playful, and romantic!



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