Sunday, May 26, 2024

Maybe I’m Trippin’

It might just be me, but I feel like school should’ve taught us more things that can actually be applied to life. Considering we’re paying for it over a lifespan which is a problem in itself, (yes Sallie Mae I’m talking to you), the concept of school just doesn’t sit right with me. Sure 12+ years of studying English, arithmetic, history and science provide a great foundation for expanding our minds and the nuances of everyday rhetoric but learning about the French Revolution has done nothing for helping me figure out how to properly read tax forms. I can explain the differences of “there”, “their”, and “they’re”, but I can’t use that to explain how politicians say one thing but pass a bill that does the exact opposite thus recreating the problem that almost certainly serves the devious intent.

All the quadratic functions in the world can’t explain how using any of our civil rights and liberties contradict the same rights as others simply because we use them to vocalize our perspective rather than push a slanted agenda. Knowing that hydrogen is the lightest element does nothing for me when I have to decide between leasing or renting with or without a fixed or variable interest rate. Where is the practicality of our curriculums? Yes, education is extremely important, but so is creating financial literacy or career skills amongst the masses of those not privy to such knowledge simply because they were born 10 miles in the wrong direction, instead of making sure people can solve polynomials and name the presidents in order. I just can’t agree on how that has become the only area of focus until you reach higher education. It should be equally as important for our future to have literacy in the classroom and outside the classroom.

School has taught us all plenty of things from textbooks, given us lifetime friends, and countless stories that start with, “Hey y’all remember that one time when….” However, what school failed to teach us is how to live and think outside the box. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t remember seeing “Entrepreneurship 101” or “Be Your Own Boss 101” on the curriculum list. I’m not going to go into the whole “the system is creating robots to serve itself” theory (even though I can’t say I fully disagree with it), but I will gladly defend the position of those that feel as if school can do a better job of teaching life rather than teaching overpriced textbooks. It may just be me but I feel like the focus is on quantitative education rather than qualitative.

Sitting in a classroom taught me that difference, applying it to real life showed me the importance.

-Malcolm Anderson

About Malcolm

Malcolm Anderson is a Cum Laude graduate of Reinhardt University. From the beginning of his education the ideas of creativity and ever expanding curiosity were instilled in him. He loves working with children and  helping them believe that they can do anything they put their mind to, a lesson he was taught from an early age. Although his focus is on Sport Media Malcolm has been writing for various mediums over the past few years and aims to expand his repertoire in efforts to reach as many people as possible. 

Feel free to reach out to him on Social Media! 

Twitter: @Pen_GriffeyJr

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