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Meet TEDx Speaker and Entrepreneur, Taurea Vision Avant

One thing motivational and two-time TEDx speaker Taurea Vision Avant is super proud of when it comes to her entrepreneurial swag and style is that she doesn’t try to show up looking and/or sounding like anyone else. She makes it her business to be truly who she is every single day without apology. When they get into the coaching space, you’ll find many people so often emulate other coaches that they have seen success. Taurea believes that today more people are getting tired of everyone sounding and looking the same, and they’re really looking for people who care. Also, another thing that separates Taurea and her swag is that she’s willing to say stuff that many other people may not speak on. Or they’re just saying or teaching on things that she feels are to go along and get along. Taurea doesn’t believe in just saying to do something just because the majority says to do it. She believes in doing what actually works.

As a coach Taurea Vision Avant looks to always find better ways to help her clients go to the next level in their business. In fact, Taurea is proud to say that she recently launched her own software that is designed to help her clients run their businesses effectively with automated emails and text messages, funnels, sales processes, and more! Yeah, not to many in her niche who can say that!

We are so thrilled to interview Taurea Vision Avant for SwagHer Magazine.

Tammy: In what ways have you grown as an entrepreneur?

Taurea: My growth as an entrepreneur first started when I decided that it was okay to be myself. That I didn’t have to try to show up looking and sounding like others and that people would still love me for me. I never forget one time this person I truly looked up to told me that the way I dressed and carried myself was extremely masculine. In fact, her exact words were that “I looked like a butch.” Now no offense to my fellow powerful, strong women, but I definitely didn’t see myself in that way. What surprised me was that I felt extremely feminine but with a bit of a tom-boy swag. I remembered then trying to change myself so that I could appeal to what I thought would be other women who could relate. However, I’ve come to understand that there were many women just like me. There are also many men who would appreciate me being me. So I will say one of my biggest growth hacks as an entrepreneur has been just truly making a decision to show up as my true self every single day and again, like I said previously, Unapologetic for it.

Another thing that I will say regarding growth is that I’m constantly plugging into more information and value that I can provide to my clients. I don’t believe that the information that I taught last year is valid today, so I make it my business to be sure to provide my client with the most up-to-date and most effective resources that are available to them.

Tammy: What have you done better or learned that you had to do better?

Taurea: I’ve learned to focus on who I’m helping and not focus on who I’m not helping. I find that many times we will allow our energies to be fixated on people who will never ever be a part of our business or even invest into the products or services that we offer. So I made sure to not put my energy or focus on those people and literally focus on the people who actually need what it is that I provide. When I do this, it allows me to be so much more effective and show up better for my client base.

I’m also a big techy. I love software and gadgets. I do, however, know that many people are not as in love with technology the way that I am. I also make it my business to find easy and effective ways to better serve my clients who are not the biggest on technology. I also understand that their businesses must be tapped into technology to grow.

Tammy: What is a typical business day like for you?

Taurea: At the end of 2021, we created a group called Release and Restore for men and women. I start my day off every morning by joining this early morning group where we read scripture, go over journaling, and reflect on the readings. After that, many times, I may have Team calls with my staff to go over what they have accomplished for the week. After that, I typically will have a scheduled day that is all calendar based. Some days I might be doing calls with clients, and some days, I might be doing live broadcasts. I, however, make sure to also include balance in regard to spending time with friends and family. Focusing on my health and wellness as well. I also like to make sure at least twice per month. I set aside time to go to a spa and spend the day there, relax, meditate, and get some massages. Right now, we also have weekly meetings for our Book Profits Club members that take place every Monday night, and then throughout the week, I’ll have different meetings for our Elite Publishers Group as well as our Inner Circle members.

Tammy: We are so excited to hear about the Author Allstars Magazine. How did it come about, and what can you tell us at this time?

Taurea: I am so excited about the Author Allstars Magazine coming out in December of 2022. This will literally be the first edition, and I can’t wait to see it grow over the years. One thing I’ve learned, being in the space of working with authors, speakers, coaches, and network marketers, is that they often don’t get the recognition they deserve. I’ve also come to understand that recognition creates confidence, and I want to create a group of confident superstars all over the world. So at the beginning of 2022, we decided that we would go ahead and put together the first annual edition of the Author Allstars Magazine. Another great thing about this magazine is that it allows us to take this with us and all the locations we are speaking at. I always get people asking me about the authors we have helped to birth as well as the authors out there leveraging their books. I’ll now have a magazine that we can use to show off our authors. If you would like to get a copy of the magazine or connect with our All Stars just go to

Tammy: Any books or motivational speakers you can recommend to our readers and why?

Taurea: Ha Ha, yes! Every single person in the Author Allstars Magazine is super dope. Just go and check them out. We will also update our Directory of Authors & Speakers every month so that you’ll be able to connect directly with them there.

Tammy: Why do you think it’s important for Black women to have their own businesses?

Taurea: I believe that as a Black woman, it’s important to have your own business if and only if you want to be a business owner. In this world, so many people will coerce people into starting businesses when they really just love being behind the scenes or working in a career that excites them. So I don’t tell people to start a business just because everybody else is doing it. However, for those who actually do start their own business. Being a business owner can be so amazing. It allows you the opportunity to truly create something with your mind and see it coming to fruition. You’re able to create something that will also leave a legacy to last a lifetime. As a business owner, some things I have learned are how to work with individuals and be fulfilled. There’s no better feeling in the world than knowing that you were responsible for offering a product or service to someone and it changed their lives.


More About Taurea Vision Avant 

By the time Taurea Vision Avant created a Book Profits Club™, she had already helped several thousands of authors to become published. But Taurea realized that many of them were writing these books, and maybe they were excited for about 90 days. Taurea would go back to check on them, and she didn’t see them promoting their books anymore. Taurea realized this because many of them just didn’t know how to keep leveraging their books.

So she started researching and sending out surveys and found that out of 100 authors, only about ten were making a significant income. In fact, Taurea says that the statistics show that about 80% of most authors make less than $10,000 a year. At that point, she knew that there was something missing. Authors did not know how to promote, profit, and mostly get their books to perform. Taurea then decided to put together a group that would be dedicated to helping authors do just that. That is how The Book Profits Club™ was formed in 2019. Get connected with Taurea Vision Avant @visionavant.


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